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that is ridiculous, even by Stockholm's hair prices!
kunk, you're lucky it's not the other way round.. every month on pay day wifey comes home with her arms full of shopping bags
Can't stand the way the majority of AFL footy players dress. In all fairness, Nathan's suit isn't so bad, however the tie is so 'australian jock metrosexual'. Don't get me started on mainstream Australian fashion...
tjena bobo
OMG thanks for the update Kodiak!!!
kodiak, go a fade #2 to #3 on the sides. leave the top exactly the way it is but just texturise the shit out of it and take about 5cm off the length. not exactly a slimane haircut but generally quite a progressive cut. tiny bit of matt product and style it all the way down or down to the side. works for me. if not just keep growing it, and go for a longer shaggier/textured cut. get some rick owen jawnz and cop some high tops and you're cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Say you're straight-edge. haha. in all seriousness, just take her out for a nice healthy lunch and coffee!
ooo i'm liking the new sufu homepage.. hopefully it's not too futuristic
make sure you NEVER visit that webpage kodiak
I think it looks good SoCal2NYC, the glasses are saving what would otherwise be a really boring outfit
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