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Which blue color (there's a blue at regular price and a different blue at a discounted price) should I pick for this shirt? Is there one that will fit more colors than the other? More versatile?
Khaki chinos with beeswax Clark DBs works right, as far as color matching goes? If so, any recommendation on what color top would work with it?
Would you guys pick Blue Royal or French Blue Royal color? There is obviously not much a difference, but just wondering...(think I prefer French Blue Royal)
I know it's not the same name but is this its equivalent? I can't find the tailored fit Hyde Parks on the website..Also, this kind of shirt is for casual wear right? Can anyone tell me on some good combinations of what to wear it with since it seems to be a...
Yes that must be it. Although I wish it would be in their ''tailored'' fit..
Hi, many mention as a wardrobe staple a light blue oxford cloth button-down shirt, I was wondering if this is the kind of shirt you guys mention? Would this be a good item to purchase, my price range is pretty much around that price so can't afford high quality stuff. Also, anyone...
I had a package shipped via DHL not a long time ago, package was worth 90$, had 30$ to pay to the delivery man when he was at my door. Ordered from a US company (shoes).
In before oversized jeans and metallica t-shirts...
Shirt too big?
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