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Nice design.
How was the fit? I remember people complaining they had a terrible fit.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I think it was supposed to eventually go back to being made in the USA.Are they still importing the uppers?
The FR stamp isn't very deep, I figure with some strategic sanding and/or gum stain and I can get rid of it. I am almost certain they are recraftable, but I also know they lose money on recraft jobs so I figure they will reject as many shoes as possible.
That's what I am afraid of
I don't think anybody is trying to emulate or compete with J Crew. It looks like from a business perspective J Crew is doing a terrible job. I think the prices are a little worse than J Crew, but the quality is likely going to be a little bit better. I am a bit upset that they didn't add tall sizes.
DidnDidn't notice your post. I thought the thread was still dead.
It looks like it just came back
Old post, but thanks razl. I still get pms from people asking if I can get anymore. The thing is, I have always had them listed in a thread with all my pocket squares here: have dozens left. Mention this thread and get a 10% discount($1).Mods- It looks like this type of post is legal, but if not just delete it. Thanks!
My modest collection. I rarely wear cufflinks. Maybe once a week at most. The top two are rare 15KT Gold. The one on the bottom right are very old Kings College. The one on the bottom left are allegedly from the 1920s. I also wear vintage Swank, Hickok, political, and novelty cufflinks that I get off eBay for
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