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I really like this. It will fit me everywhere, but the length. How did you measure that? From the back?
Great price here. I would pick it up, but have no need for it here in SoCal.
Modern Tailors $20 trial shirt could work for you.
They both look good. I would go with the bigger one.
+1. Navy and charcoal first.
J Press and York St have some good stuff left on sale Made in USA Belts for $20 Cotton scarves for $20 $200 Duffle Bags for $50
Added some more sets I likely won't use.
Lightly Used J Press Dartmouth Blazer Buttons The included pics are not mine, but I will add some of my own later today. These do not come with the original box. Shipping is free in the CONUS. More info here: http://www.jpressonline.com/dartmouth-college-buttons/
These were all taken from nicer blazers/sport coats. They were meant to replace some of my buttons, but I never got around to it. Most of these are unmarked. I am just going off memory from where I got them. Please check my other listings as I can give discounts for multiple item purchases. From left to right 1. Sold 2. Sold 3. Sold 4. Eagle Image came from a Nordstrom Blazer 5. Sold 6. Barney's Buttons Khaki Tone 7. Sold 8. Image of Bear 9. Sold 10. Dragon Image Buttons....
Very nice. I really like this.
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