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Allen Edmonds Leeds Size 11.5 AA Black Made In USA The included pictures best show the condition of these shoes. These are a great pair of shoes at a great price. They come with an Allen Edmonds Mcgraw shoebox and some Allen Edmonds shoe bags. These did not originally come with the Leeds. I am including them so you can store these beauties in something nice. Shipping is free in the CONUS. Cheers
Very nice.
No problem.
I would keep both. You will wear brown loafers a lot. One pair will eventually disappear or get ruined in the rain. It's not like you bought two pairs of red suede loafers.
Maybe the length. Not Long or Short. Not 100% sure though.
Grey is a very rare shoe color. I don't know how I could make them work with my wardrobe. Maybe try use them in place of black shoes.
Looks like a good article. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for posting.
It looks linen or a linen blend. No idea on where to find one. Maybe Banana Republic.
If resolve and the sprays don't work, bleach likely wont do much better.
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