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Very nice. I really like this.
The Burberry London shirts from Off 5th have served me well.
Great looking shoes.
That pea coat is extra long.
Warning! Low End PSA: Lands End has a bunch of stuff at super clearance prices. They also have a $20 off $75 code: climb pin: 8310 Things of note: $9 Made in USA Belts $9 Silk Scarves Cheap leather boots for the ladies $15 wool scarves
I quite like these. Though I wish it didn't have that white stitching.
No. I rarely see any Smedly items around here.
Good article. Thanks for posting.
Good article. Thanks for posting.
I recently tried on some Faconable sweaters at their South Coast Plaza store. They fit long and baggy. They did look and feel nice. I wouldn't recommend them for somebody looking for a flattering fit.
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