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Good thread. I find Lands End to have great deals on small accessories like belts.
What size is it? The sleeves look extra long.
Try posting this in the AE thread. You might get some help there.
I got a few questions on the difference between the first two white pocket squares. They are quite similar. The second one is a little nicer in my opinion, but was stored rolled so they have some more wrinkles. No big deal though. They will come out with little or no work.
These were meant to replace some of my buttons, but I never got around to it. Most of these are unmarked. All of the remaining sets are now $8 if you buy two sets. $10 if you want just one. Please check my other listings as I can give discounts for multiple item purchases. Shipping is free in the CONUS. 1. Gold Tone 2. Gold Tone 3. Gold Tone- Sold 4 Gold Tone-Sold 5. Gun Metal Tone-Sold 6. Antique Brass Tone 7. Gun Metal Tone
Vintage NBC Cufflinks Gold Tone Pretty cool item here at a great price. Shipping is free in the CONUS. Please check my other listings as I can give better deals on bigger purchases. Cheers
Last price drop. Now just $15.
Last price drop now just $23.
Price drop.
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