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One last LA PSA: TJ Maxx in Temple City and Rialto had some Dents leather gloves for
I got this in store in LA for $49(90% off). It's a good price online at $100. A good fitting cashmere topcoat for $100 can't be beat. J Crew is obviously not SF approved but you could just use it as beater on snowy days.
The prices were nuts. Stuff marked 80-90% off and then they would add a 40% off code+free shipping.I had the same pants in green.
I always wear one during the summer. When not wearing a jacket you need something to hold a tie in place.
Basic J Crew sterling silver tie clip for
Yeah. I have the same belt, but Navy with a red stripe. I paid like $5 during the recession. LE was practically giving stuff away in 2009.
Goodwills in SoCal(I checked Pasadena, San Bernardino, and Rialto)have dozens of made in USA Lands End belts for $1.99+ whatever discount they have for the day. It's looks like this, but a different type of buckle. I was going to buy them to resell or proxy, but it wouldn't really be worth it. Not the best PSA, but a $50 belt for a dollar can't be beat. Edit: Found a better pic. I am 90% sure it is this one.
We need to bump this thread. Add your pics of vintage links! I will post pics of some vintage RAF cufflinks I inherited later today.
I did the same thing with a DW ladies watch a year or so ago. A watch outlet in Ontario Mills had Daniel Wellington 37MM ladies watches marked down to $65. I sell the box, papers, and strap for $30 and buy a vintage shell cordovan strap for 15. Here's a pic. It's the watch I wear to funerals and weddings.
Here's a couple more pics. I think Shinola is the perfect :
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