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I will pm a few guys.
I am US guy, but there a lot of SF members from Africa. I am always sending stuff to South Africa. A lot of good customers. I noticed a lot of them just stay in the B&S though.
They finally got back to me through email and they said yes.
The cheap ones were thrifted or eBay BINs. They would have cost much more if I bought them new. I haven't heard of Easman. I will google it.
The shirts were always too short for my tall body. I do remember finding some nice pants and accessories in the beginning. The recession era clearance events were fantastic. I remember buying stuff like leather gloves and belts for
Nice design.
How was the fit? I remember people complaining they had a terrible fit.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I think it was supposed to eventually go back to being made in the USA.Are they still importing the uppers?
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