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There are a lot of factors into what board might be best. It's a nice decor piece if you have a nice looking chessboard setup. If you don't have the space then the roll up vinyl is a smart play, but there are more stylish ones you can get that you can leave out and have look nice. I've used the cheaper wooden kind of sets(though it was so long ago I only remember the pieces being wood, don't really remember the board). But the wooden pieces definitely felt cheap and were...
I'm glad to see such a response to a purchase of a hat. You guys have a lot of time on your hands.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Dude that hat is fresh. I hope you leave that sticker on there mans, that thing is so shiny. What feetwears are you going to put on your feets with that hat? I would wear some pants too, but well you know that is just me!1!!1!
nixon 51-30 mismatch kidrobot fat louie cap
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Uhrwerk? Harry Winston? I can't recall the name. I want to say it had 4 in the name though, like 4n watch, it was a french design and really limited i believe. I think I saw it on uncrate or engadget or one of those types of sites, i'll try to find it but it's proving to be quite elusive ha hahahah guess 4n was right lol, here it is
Quote: Originally Posted by highendstyle This new Richard Mille is pretty crazy with a total weight of less than an ounce. Of course you'll need to shell out $525k for the RM 027 Tourbillon that Rafael Nadal collaborated on. Taken from: Richard Mille RM 027 Tourbillon That reminds me of some limited edition watch I saw online where the different numbers were like, on spinning gears when they displayed the time. It was also ridiculously...
nothing special
Nope. While I have a wide taste in music (from classics like springsteen/floyd/queen/whatever to pop like coldplay/fray/third eye blind/oasis to hardcore/grindcore like all that remains/the devil wears prada/between the buried and me to some rap/hip hop like tupac/kesha/eminem/whatever), I don't think my clothing really shows any affiliation towards the different genres in which I listen to.
Ambi Phone: left front Keys/Knife: right front wallet: back right
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I'm doing well too, bitch. Feel free to tell me what is wrong with my, or rather - behaviourism's logic, since this is no new idea of my own creation. I have a feeling you're confusing logic with the so-called notion of 'common sense'. So because you've seen a clothing line this Hedi guy has made, and maybe seen some online videos or press quotes from this man, you think you know the person, and that...
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