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Ended up buying one in navy a few days ago.The whipcord is nice - I plan on using it as an all season piece with lighter shirts in the summer. Tried it on with a BB ESF and a crewneck for winter mode and had no issue buttoning it all up.I had heard that this season's Bedfords were maybe a little too short, but it ends about an inch above my knuckles - not a huge deal for a casual jacket in my opinion.
Are there shots of the upcoming Royal Traveler vests floating around? Didn't notice any in the smattering of Pitti photos that have been posted. I emailed Post to see what materials would be available, and they only mentioned cotton twill hitting the usual retailers in a few weeks - no mention of colors or alternate fabrics. Been trying to hunt down a small denim/chambray traveler at a reasonable price domestically for a little while, and I want to make sure I don't miss...
New Kapital looks so rad. ... is Battery a store or just a showroom? I'm having a helluva time finding anything about them - am going to be in Manhattan this weekend and figured I'd check it out.
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