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Pumas for squats/deadlifting. New Balance for running/cardio.
Anybody can get them, it just requires a different level of effort for each individual. Some are born with low body fat, others have to diet extremely hard. Also, abdominal are actually just a thin sheet of muscle. Crunches and all that fancy ab work will strengthen them, but it's not really necessary to have a 6-pack showing. Your diet is the most important factor in acquiring see-able abs. Cardio is also important to a certain extent. Edit: Starving yourself isn't the...
Nope, but I hold nothing against anyway who does. Just not my thing.
I'm a fan of Greens+. It's definitely a good replacement if you're not able to get your daily requirements of veges/fruits from normal whole foods.
I've been watching a lot of "Dexter" lately, so I'll say him.
I don't think that there is a "certain point" to disclose that information. People are different. Some partners are emotionally destroyed when they find out how many people you slept with, while others couldn't care less. I am part of the latter group. It makes no difference to me. I just care whether she was tested for diseases or not.
My biggest reason is that I am an amateur bodybuilder. But if I put that aside, I still don't like to drink too often. I really like being a clear-thinker. I get extremely foggy and way too relaxed when I drink. I also hate hangovers with a passion, and it usually takes me a couple days to recover after a heavy night of drinking. Last but not least, I'm a cheapskate. I hate spending money.
No big deal at all. However, I think the sad part is the guys who spend tons of money on these women. I'll go to a strip club, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna spend more than a couple Jacksons while I'm in there.
Just got a 6-pack of Strongbow. I live in the states and I haven't been able to find it around here since visiting Paris. I'm excited.
I used to be a Vodka guy. I guess that's because the first real drink I ever had was Vanilla Vodka Twist. Then I became a fan of Vodka and OJ. And of course, Vodka and cranberry. Pretty much Vodka and [insert soft beverage of choice]. But after overdoing it a couple times (and throwing up), I'm becoming more of a rum drinker. Especially Sailor Jerry's. Rum and coke is where it's at.
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