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man i'm waiting for them too in the UK. i want the olive and khaki ones badly!!! COME ON UNIQLO UK
does anyone know if the slim fit oxfords are available in UK stores? i've been following the UK webstore for weeks but still don't see the slim fit oxfords
are they overdyed oxfords sold out already? can't find them on the uniqlo webstore
how did the wool blended trousers (non cargo) look?
did all the left field jeans sell out? the ones made from jap denim, not the cone mills one.
yes, but they're not jeans man. suits arent meant to be worn that tight.
the model wearing the suit on their site looks like his pants are gonna burst and his jacket is gonna get ripped apart like the hulk. doesn't look good man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Atomkun Please open your eyes and see who's the one that decide to start a thread on it.. I respect that it is between the 2 of us and should not concern anyone else but he decide to air it out.. And in case u are wondering, I am more pissed off with his integrity and dishonesty than over the box. Whether it is a box or any part of the item, the seller should have informed the buyer before sending out the item.. Am I not...
you don't get what he's trying to say because you're a fucking dumbass. its obvious that he thinks its a fucking joke that you're making a mountain out of a molehill. (pardon me if you don't understand the expression, your command of the english language appears to be quite poor) and i would have to agree with binker, ITS A FUCKING BOX FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. so he hurt your feelings because he didnt give you the original box...... WELL BOO FUCKING HOO!
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 your probably a popular size ... that totally sucks. there worth the wait. for fuck's sake, ITS "THEY'RE" NOT "THERE"!!!! not the first time i've seen you make the same mistake.
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