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Measurements (from Selfedge): Chest: 35" Length: 26.5" Sleeve Length: 8.3" Shoulders: 18" I've worn this shirt twice and washed it once. Perfect condition. Asking $105 shipped. Lemme know if you have any questions, thanks!
pm'd you, bump!
buuuump, pm'd you
pm'd you
Let me know if you want any measurements or more pictures. Size 28 LVC 1947's - Initial soak, worn a couple times - SOLD Size 25 APC NC's - Worn about 2 weeks total, very minimal fading - $95 + shipping Size 29 Uniqlo T-000's - Washed a couple times - SOLDDD Blue Member's Only Jacket - Size 40, Used - $20 shipped Red Salt Valley Button Up - Size XS, New - SOLDD Adidas ZX-7000 - Size 8.5, Good Condition - $85 shipped Nike Air Stab "Runnin' N Gunnin'" - Size...
Kind of overcast, but oh well. PBJ XX-005's size 28 (TTS) at around 4ish months of wear. Not too much going on but just wanted to update. And the fit:
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