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Where can I purchase imperial denim besides selfedge?
Where can I find imperial denim besides selfedge?
any ideas of when the next online sale will be?
would a good tailor be able to widen the armhole? Specifically alter it so that the bottom of the armhole is bigger? Would it be called lowering the underarm seamline?
looking for something more along the lines of cyc, reigning champ, loopwheeler, wings+spruce type plain zip ups but < $100 and is located in the US something similar to these if possible
I'm looking for plain zip ups if possible.
Who makes thick zip up hoodies? I'm looking for 7oz/250gsm or higher. Price range of $100 or less. American-giant and ascolour are two I've found so far.
You have yet to respond to either my email or pm. Looks like I'll be ordering online instead if the code works.
I'm interested and sent you a pm a few days ago...
Brooks Brothers 25% F&F this friday through monday. Not 100% sure, called the store about an order I placed and the girl mentioned it was going on this weekend.
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