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Isaia Napoli Being a bigger dude helps out a lot for cheep kops
While I appreciate each brand as separate entities, I'm not really seeing how people think this looks good. It's practical, for sure. Useful for getting the mail on a winter morning.
The new WhatCrepe? I haven't been. Looks like I'll have to stick my head near that side of town more often when I'm back home.
Yeah I don't know what tomfuckery I just read on the past few pages, but it doesn't make sense to me. Fits look pretty good most of the time. Better than some of the pussy shit I see posted. ("You mean wearing EG doesn't make you have any less of a dad body? Or even a Teach4America Intern?!") Inb4postafit
Thanks for the feedback. That's pretty stupid regarding the pockets. Seems odd especially from OL that they would just sew on flaps for show, haha.
Hey man, could you be bothered to post a fit pic? Or I suppose, describe how the shoulder fits? I hate buying overcoats over the internet as my shoulders slope and off the rack stuff often ends up with shoulder divots.
I get what he was going for - but sorry Petey, I doubt Belichick would change out of goal line D just because you showed pass. It would be 3 plays of Goal Line and 3 plays of BeastMode. 1 fuckin yard
For sale is a Givenchy Double Layer hooded sweatshirt. It's black with 4 thick drawstrings, 2 for the hood and 2 for the 2nd layer's waist. The waist cuffs and waist are both ribbed in panels. There are raglan sleeves. The fit is slightly big for a large as it was meant to be oversized. 100% Cotton. Retailed at over $500. I bought it at Mr. Porter. Lost some weight and it doesn't fit like I'd like it to anymore. It's been in the wash a few times, and as such there has...
I'm pretty Jelly of the SLP coat. My shoulders are too sloped and wide for regular coats to not make me look like I'm trying too hard. Any other raglan cut mid length coats y'all know about?
I think it was early 2000s - like 2003 or 4. I'm probably wrong.
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