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I think it was early 2000s - like 2003 or 4. I'm probably wrong.
Sorry about not seeing your reply. It's subtle, but the motion and variance in your feet works its way upstream. Start with trying to keep your feet still. It's not the heels.
U srs about the bang for buck shit you just said? lmaoI think after a certain point, pricing efficiencies don't matter much
Lol single leg training. No one gets the importance of single leg training until it's too late.A ton of it is the proprioception, which basically goes hand in hand with "balance", whatever that means. Kind of a conflicting stance.
Watch your feet. That's what is causing your pitch forward in conjunction with the rest of your body.
Finally found after missing a sale in 2011.
I think he's talking about the drawbacks which put-off many and push them towards sports like Crossfit where the top competitors have "sexy aesthetics". Not justifying it, but if the sport wants to be more popular than that's what will happen. I have no opinion.
1 month till returning to squatting. Slow and steady, gotta limit myself to 10 lb jumps every other day at least.
Funny, that anthropometry stuff. I'd love to be a super but then I might have no business on SF. I had average/abv avg results as an 85 in the couple nonofficial meets Ive done. I just wanna look real small and throw a guy twice my size out the window in a bar fight.
I don't do many either. I dont think many are quite as effective as Glute/ham raise (w bands), DL and its variants, and random isometrics. As part of the rehab process Ive begun to do single leg DL, and the benefits are good. I used to do hamstring curls, etc, but I never felt I really got much out of them, I will probably still continue to do them at end of workout till failure once I get back in business. Can't wait to finally do weighted exercises again.I would...
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