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Excited to begin my first real cut ever. Just going to up activity and keep my diet the same for the most part. It seems to be working so far - have a sizeable 6-pack for the first time in life and as a former fatboy this is much cause for celebration. Also power C+J 110kg for the first time since hip surgery in 2013. Taking it real slow on the way back up, I am no Patrick Mendes.
A lot of fine clothing makers still use semi-automatic and/or by hand processes. It simply takes longer and there is a premium. The problem here is that you're using your opinion to guide the mixing of logic. Just because something was local does not mean it should be more expensive, but indexes can give you a rough sketch on that. To fully back up local vs international you'll probably have to do some more analysis of the weighted sum variety for a total picture at a high...
Thanks - updated accordingly.
For sale is a pair of Visvim Zermatt Folk boots in Bison leather. Size 10 US. Goodyear welt, hand constructed. Condition is 9.5/10 - wore these once outside. There is no heel wear or visible sole wear of any kind other than some dirt. Same as mentioned here: Shipping is free within the USA. I use Paypal - please pm me any questions! I will respond as soon as possible with answers and/or additional...
To anyone and everyone who bids before an auction is able to be sniped - fuck you. I should go to your house and take back the money you basically took out of my pocket.
Isaia Napoli Being a bigger dude helps out a lot for cheep kops
While I appreciate each brand as separate entities, I'm not really seeing how people think this looks good. It's practical, for sure. Useful for getting the mail on a winter morning.
The new WhatCrepe? I haven't been. Looks like I'll have to stick my head near that side of town more often when I'm back home.
Yeah I don't know what tomfuckery I just read on the past few pages, but it doesn't make sense to me. Fits look pretty good most of the time. Better than some of the pussy shit I see posted. ("You mean wearing EG doesn't make you have any less of a dad body? Or even a Teach4America Intern?!") Inb4postafit
Thanks for the feedback. That's pretty stupid regarding the pockets. Seems odd especially from OL that they would just sew on flaps for show, haha.
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