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Wearing a suit and tie every day gets old fast. I did that for a while and wouldn't want to do it again. Now I only wear suits to work sometimes for fun with no tie, ever.
Time to move to Alabama
Current stooges fit really small. I just bought a 14/15 stooges in calf and had to size up to a 52. My 09/10 stooges (now sold) was a 48; my 09/10 bauhaus is a 48.
who is the Acronym expert round here?
them guidis got to be white
Here are the in-hand pics of the boots above. Let me know if I am kidding myself.
turding into a bag on the train sounds like 90's NYC. NYC used to be a dirty place; by comparison it seems clean and tidy now, shiny as a button.My first trip to Penn Station, I saw someone wackin off, a guy was yelling at a candy bar he was holding, people sleeping (i hope they were sleeping maybe not) in every nook and cranny, hookers were everywhere, we could barely make it into our cab because of the hookers talking up.
New Posts  All Forums: