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from ssense. all gone now.Farfetch may have them, and they are doing a 20% off code on sale items now.
are you flipping yours?
Picked up black Rick Owens astaire pants in wool. I am surprised how much I like them. Very high waist, drop crotch, full fit down through thigh then ankle taper. Might get another color as well.
Don't see these too often...can be found on G
thoughts on these? Linen over leather. Always been curious about them..... Augusta MA+
Thanks. I guess I never thought of my wardrobe as super brutal. But maybe that is what is. I appreciate the perspective.
either of these? all cotton - I like the pattern but I am sure someone is going to say it looks like fish scales.... silk/viscose. I think this is a very fine fabric, like a silk robe
Thanks. It is mostly cotton and linen, with some wool. It is still really expensive even on sale unfortunately.
I very much agree with this. I do white footwear with black pants regularly, but I have some dark greenish MA+ boots that I will soon try out with black pants.....after the temperature goes below 108 degrees, I mean....(it was 110 in Eastern WA the other day!)
anyone seen this in person? @RegisDB9 ?
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