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He may not be aware that Michigan Law School is actually located in Michigan. Let's not tell him yet.
beat it ya bum! The PNW hates you right back!
and/or this
subtle camo print bomber.
them shoes r terrible my friend
that is a good Geo fit. They are a bit funky and distinctive and that is just how it is.... you should keep it unless you are sure you aren't going to wear it.
that is a screaming deal if it is in good shape, these seem to move on ebay at about 800-1000The fit seems to be intentionally funky - skinny as hell arms, high armholes, poochy midsection and a good 3" longer than a typical bomber. I still want one bad tho.
I will do that tonight...I am so sorry to hear about this....
@morgan that is amazing, so 80's James Spader.
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