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Are you talking about that moleskine or whatever moss green bag that comes with the footwear?I should make more use of mine for trips to the market. They would be perfect for hauling home my usual purchases of organic vegetables, power bars and vodka.
I always liked the velcros. There were some a long while back that I really had the wants for, silver (of course).
Well once again count me among the simples who like Totokaelo. The owner is a known difficult person, but other than that I don't see a problem with a place that stocks a wide selection of my favorite brands (Dries, Margiela, Rick, Ann also Yohji, Geller etc etc etc).I wish them best of luck in NYC, even though success there definitely means the end of the Seattle store. She has talked about that for some time.
A shoulder strap is useful, but I am wary of using it to carry a bag when I have on a suit jacket or overcoat. It can deform the shoulders by compressing the padding. If you wear a suit jacket every day, it is something to keep in mind. And I was kidding about the ostrich bag. It is over $5k.
get it in ostrich
I have not. Why did they do that? What a bunch of idiots.
I assume you are rather tall. The grana large is long on me, which is what I wanted.I like the grana t's......sounds like they aren't for everyone, which could be said about anything I suppose. I will be buying more grana ts and probably no more uniqlo ts.I have had rotten luck with UO tshirts. All the ones I have seen have been so poor. Maybe they are doing a better job these days.
Margiela ss16, one of my favorite shows in I can't remember how long. Many many tempting things.http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2016-menswear/maison-martin-margiela/slideshow/collection#1
A short commute is one of the greatest luxuries
I will give you $5 if you burn it
New Posts  All Forums: