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yeah I been watching that one, good thing that DVN size 50 is actually like a 48.
Get the Ricks in that colorway
They are fine and if you size right you will look a lot better than 90% of the people at your office unless you are Rubinacci's personal assistant.Remember that the Boomer who runs your company probably bought 10 boxy suits in 1998 and is still wearing them. Not so hard to beat that.
RFT i am selling all my clothes off so I can buy limes for my beverages. when will it end? lime cartel i shake my fist at you!
The AA loose crew? Such a good summer beater. Wide neck, really long, slimish fit, not poofy at the waist if you size right. The website calls them sheer but they don't seem too sheer to me.blk dnm has good ts for like $65. Better than the AAs and not beaters.
this is the illest....Who run Bartertown? Mastablasta run Bartertown....
cant tell if this is too light in color for practical use
He may not be aware that Michigan Law School is actually located in Michigan. Let's not tell him yet.
beat it ya bum! The PNW hates you right back!
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