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I think this looks pretty good but it is hard to tell from that pic. Maybe go outside and use phone camera timer?
I try to only wear "jeans" (like indigo jeans) on casual fridays at the office. I avoid them the rest of the time -- they are a total bore.I can't believe the uniqlos are tight for you -- I wear them twice and they fall off without a belt. they have spandex in them I think?33 Diors are going to be jabba the hut huge after a few wears.
^ Dbear: yes oversize coat....paired with skinny skinny pants. I think that the most interesting looks now are.... big coat, slim pants slim coat, big pants slim pants, big sole shoes (I really like this for some reason) that sort of thing. It avoids that 90's big fuckin everything look which should stay in the grave but breaks from the all slim look we have been seeing for a while. I still like the all slim thing but yay for change sometimes.
I posted an oversized drop shoulder fit a while back (shown below) and the forum powershit on it. I think you have to be a rail to pull it off. [[SPOILER]]
"LOUCHE"maybe we wait until the east coast unfreezes, but one of these days let it be so
I have enjoyed wearing huge dropcrotch pants lately. It got a reaction. Someone called them Hammer pants, then someone else said they really weren't because A, B and C, then a discussion ensued.If you view clothing as being an interesting hobby (as I do) rather than just a response to societal mandate, then it is nice to have options. Dropcrotch today, skinnyish pants tomorrow. The following day, something else. Trackpants maybe.I like those uniqlo jeggings I gotta...
^ I love that demented movie..
Thanks--yep, that is the Rick tux jacket.
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