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weird though it may be, there are certain colors that make me look like a corpse. I don't wear those.
If that is the fw 13/14 five zip, that is a good jacket.
Hirsh do you post on other forums or just this one
^ That is a no-brainer for people who are looking. Virtually zero risk given the easy inexpensive returns. It should look like a good jacket in hand, not cheap, if it is like the blk dnm I have seen. blk dnm fits true to size maybe a bit short in my experience, although I havent tried that one. If someone gets it, report back. model is grinning like an idiot though in the video; very off putting.
Overall I am fairly impressed at what blk dnm offers at that price point. If I had no black leathers I would have thought harder about the blk dnm one. I have a lot of their t's. It is a good line.
they had it at the downtown Nordstrom in multiple sizes/colors when I was there last a month or two ago, if you want to check it out.
You notice the zippers and studs/hardware on the blk dnm 5 a lot more than the stooges. I have a stooges and was not tempted by the blk dnm after I tried it on, although it is a fine jacket.
That appears to be trademark infringement.
Based on how this window turned out, it really doesn't seem too bad to be a United throwback: Chicharito...banished to play Champions League football at the most prestigious club in history that just won La Decima. Welbeck to Arsenal….. also Champions League Kagawa to Dortmund… Champions League Evra to Juventus…. Champions League Bebe to Benfica… Champions League
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