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funny, I saw the preview of this post on SF front page and knew it was about Rick dunks even though not stated and this is not sneaker thread.At least Rick dunks will look better the more you wear them. The fakes will look like hell after a few wears.
yea looks good so what the hell happened to the thumb comments that we had back for like 4 days? who messed it up for us? looks like someone is due for the old soap-bar-in-the-towel beating.
If it is absolutely pouring, I bring an umbrella - but that is mostly only a problem nov/dec/jan. PNW has a great leather climate - no biting cold, no sweltering heat. Maybe not needed on the warmest days of July and August, but other than that, good to go.
I like this.
Vancouver BC? odd, since it is leather jacket season just about every day of the year in Seattle. I must have 10 of them.
Seriously, post a full pic of whatever is happening here. Right now I see Highlander x Mr Bigglesworth. A lot more interesting than what I post.
you got trolledhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/08/grumpy-cat-100-million_n_6288502.html
Trying to imagine red bean soft serve...So is DQ the PBR of soft serve, and I can go get one "ironically" but really like it? I enjoy those. Don't understand their other hype items.
thanks, I like the first one the most.what about these?
It must have just sold out. fu
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