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I like the Bernhard Willhelm sole, so heinous, so good Porter is carrying the geobaskets in reverse leather...I might like these more than the smooth leather. I would be happy with either though
^ I liked them. They were not cheap tho. Go back and try them on again before you leave town if you have time.
Pics of NicelyNice with the famous winning smile from today's Seattle meetup, featuring a trip to Totokaelo (a great shop, buy from them)! Great to meet you and Uzairh, sorry you couldn't make it DividedWay, another time... Uzairh's ccp is an amazing piece and surprisingly wearable, not at all like the chitinous armor that I would have expected. It must have taken forever to make this. It fits NN apparently: Rick shearling, very nice. The Rick with fur collar in the...
lool Ms DLester hates the new coat...I didn't know a person could have such hate for something that did not try to kill them. Fit pics up soon.
The Amazon interview will be high intensity, rapid fire and will go on all day, or it will be over after the first or second person you meet with all the other people on your interview list suddenly unable to make it. If the rest of the day is cancelled mysteriously, they are not interested. If you stay the whole day, they are interested and you have a good chance of moving forward to the next round. Don't be surprised if there is no small talk during the...
Parker, lay down your trump card with that DVN suit
The Hawks won that game my friend. The refs did not win it for them. There are always ref talking points after a big game -- no different here. No one knows about getting screwed by the refs more than the Hawks, who received an apology from the officiating crew after the 2006 SB.Kap should have just run all night. The Hawks had no answer for that. Manning is immobile, which I why I think the Hawks have the edge in the SB.At any rate Sea/SF was a thrilling game between...
I don't recall him apologizing for the content, just for the fact that it drew attention away from the team's hard won victory.
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