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I have looked for that jacket forever, never found it in my size.I have the snowboots in that fit pic -- so many good things from that season of Balenciaga
u will be getting an email that you violated terms of use.
so thought I would close the loop -- all those serious buyers ultimately flaked out. I actually struck a deal with a guy and accepted his offer --- but he didn't pay and now a week later I have an email from "arun gupta" at Grailed saying I have been "flagged" for violating terms of use.lol
awesome NN
black cargo sweats restocked tonight. I am tempted by this camel chesterfield.
thanks -- it is lamb, 2010 if I recall correctly.
I like those; because of my personal bias I like the white ones better but I like the black as well.I want the fur ones that pop up on ebay from time to time but will never follow through on that.
^ Top Pot?
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