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omg Sábado Gigante is being cancelled? what?
No surprise - Shah is an old pro.
It would be interesting. Would read.Getting oversized right is all in the execution, which is easier said than done (and which is the same for pretty much everything around here). Well-executed oversized fits look great. They can have drama, drape and interest that fitted clothing does not.Poorly-executed oversized fits -- usually featuring clothing that isn't intended to be worn oversized - are a mess.I have struggled to get oversized jackets right for myself (other...
That is some horrible fashun, Kanye. Fleshy-beige leotards and sagging XXL beige hoodies. He is going to give looser fits a bad name before the whole thing is even off the ground.
Cute kid, but this is the apex of stupidity - he is going to outgrow that in 3 months.Hopefully it is just a one-off sample made for fun. If this is a retail offering, then....
I asked a non-paying auction winner on ebay why they would not pay for the item they won and got the following response: "I only bided once on this item and it's not at my fault no one else bided. .. I had already purchased another bid and I'm not paying for this one... " I hate selling online.
I like those conchos
well NN is from Seattle and has no idea what cold is. None of us do. Rain, we know what that is.
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