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damn Yoox. I ordered a suit, and they sent me a pair of pants with no jacket. The enclosed receipt says suit, and you would think the person preparing the parcel would have known that "suit" means jacket and pants not just pants.
too damn cold! Canada plz take back your weather. You win -- you can have Detroit and the non-oil-producing regions of North Dakota. Just give me back my 48 degrees and drizzle.
good to see Kunk wearing Rick - I thought he had gone completely over to workwear.
I am selling a ton of stuffs now, feels good.
tempting, I might set up a dummy account to do this.thus far I have:- left him awful seller feed back ("AVOID AVOID AVOID," etc.),- reported him to ebay who told me that they may ban his new auction for the sneakers I bought, and- he is going to get stuck with the ebay fees for the transaction he didn't complete (auto deduct from credit card), which is like $60 or so.feels good.
I just bought some sneakers on ebay with a BIN, and I immediately paid, and the idiot refused to ship saying there has been a complication. I asked what the complication was. He said the price was too low (which it wasn't). He then relisted an hour later for $150 more. I should report him. I hate ebay sometimes.
one of us! one of us!
somebody please buy these Ann Ds hair boots before I do http://www.ln-cc.com/invt/ann0114042wht
aw yeah
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