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I got in and concluded that people really shouldn't wet their pants over this sale. It is almost like they marked everything up by 20% then marked it down by 30%.
y u no reply to DLester...
aren't those shitty uniqlos the best? luv em
every Barneys Warehouse purchase ends in tears, u r probably lucky that it fell though.
Prague is a lovely place but there was a scam running in every cab I got in. I am sort of embarrassed to describe how the scam operated, but the first cab ride I took ended up costing $40 for a 15 block ride.The other cabs had variations of the whole "the meter iz not working" thing, but by then I was a hardened veteran and would take no shit.I wasn't there long but it was like 4 days of cab scams.To add to the fun, on a trip a few years later, Ms. DL's mom's purse was...
I am not sure where this fits into the smoking conversation, but for what it is worth and to break the growing tension: In Seattle it is almost more socially acceptable to smoke bud than cigarettes. People smoke weed, in public, flagrantly, downtown. I smell it all the time, mostly in the summer but also any day when it there isn't firehose horizontal rain in the face. This summer when it is "legal" it is going to make Amsterdam look like Salt Lake City. Already...
That place has to be the world's capital of cab scams
I have to admit i sort of feel left out because miran has trolled everyone on this site but me
I hate that, bad to hear.I like Uniqlo okay and all but is there anything that is actually getting better? I might just buy some of the Uniqlo leggings then switch to COS from here out.
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