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I would wear it and not mess with it unless it looks a lot worse in hand than in the pic
Pants and boots are great here.
they look great. reminds me that I need to get some APC petit standards in a fat size then taper the leg; would be a perfect fit for me.
Band was massive here around 09 or so. I still have 2 of their shirts. I like them. The fit is distinctive and is a bit quirkier than just a slim fit, but yes once slim fit was widely available, Band had a hard time selling $275 oxfords.
Vita that is hilarious. My problem on that site has been people who make offers that I accept, then they don't follow through with payment. It has happened with virtually every item I listed there, if I recall correctly. Eventually it all sells, but what an odd user group they have.
Looks good, I like the smirk. Are those the same apc that you have been posting since the dawn of time? Amazing durability. I could never get a proper fit with those. Either the waist was fine and the legs were sloppy or the legs were fine and the waist and rise were crushing.
Any thoughts about this light gray 5zip? Leather is "ovine" which translator says is sheepskin.
Yeah all that is amusing, for sure. I was referring to my disappointment with apps showing images of things I want to know more about and discuss (for me, guitars, teh personal style and fahsun, architecture and design to some degree, soccer, tech) but that are not designed for discussion in any depth.I like quick-shot funny pics and gifs as much as anyone, but I don't need to know anything more about their subject matter.
I don't understand how people can be satisfied by viewing photos on an app without engagement or context. When I like something, I want to ask questions, discuss, share, research, dig in. A photo with no context just raises questions and answers none.I can't imagine I am the only one who feels this way.It makes me think that apps like tumblr and instagram will eventually adopt features that resemble forums. I doubt that will ever be as information rich as this place...
welcome back. you are just in time for our existential crisis. pull up a chair
New Posts  All Forums: