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Nice. I know of a 59 ri but no 57 -- is that custom shop? I have an old tweed deluxe that looks like it has been to hell and back a hundred times, from 1955. Yay for tweed.
Need more data regarding amp.
I like those. Looks a bit DVN.
I am interested as well. anyone?Looks like they add VAT to orders...I wonder if they would remove that if you asked.
Yes. They fit me the same.Buy from someplace with a good return policy.
neg rep
okay well let me know if you ever make it back to the 206 and want to get lunch again
^ hey when are you coming back to murica? didn't you say you were taking a sabbatical for a while or something, walking the earth?
please post this pic and explanation here as well: http://stylezeitgeist.com/
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