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...and you can even buy a shirt from LN-CC that says "bore" on ithttp://tinyurl.com/p9xen7w
I posted the boots because I thought they were hilarious, but I really do like that jacket....not sure where I would wear it though!
Mustard is a reach for a lot of people. Mustard makes me look like I have a liver disease.
I know I am just giving you a hard time That kind of lighting is a photo wrecker; almost impossible to look good in it.looks like you kept the boots. good decision.
You look pregnant...
These look good...I sent them my measurements and they suggested I go with medium...i expected large or XL, as i am 185 pounds and wear large in uniqlo....I think if I follow their suggestion I may be wearing a skin-tight tshirt. Would not post fit pic of that here.hmm
that is a very 80s fit right there (...yes I am hanging around too much today cuz I dont want to work)
scarf is horrid hair is good though, so you win anyway.
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