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Liverpool looked pretty good today. I had the game on in the background and wasn't paying too much attention, but you can't argue with 0-3. Sturridge does seem to do well in this system. He was disappointing for Chelsea. Spurs, I don't know what to say about u. What the hell are Arsenal going to do about finding another striker? Wenger makes a last minute effort to derail Remy acquisition by Chelsea and looks like a fool. Remy was available all summer for nearly...
I didn't see the game but I have always thought RM put too much emphasis on bringing in high profile attacking players and not enough on defenders.Also they seem to get rattled if the opposing team gets the opening goal or two, then they lose focus and their passing starts to go off target and they look sort of ordinary by their standards. I only see them play a few times a year so I am going off a small sample size.I still think they are favorites to win the CL this year...
^ Manchester City are in a rotten group. - No one wants to travel 10 or whatever hours to Moscow where it is probably already winter by now, then fly back and prepare to play a few days later. That is the worst opponent from a travel perspective. - Roma are half decent and could easily qualify for the knockout round. - and Bayern are Bayern Good luck. Arsenal are in a tricky group. I think Arsenal will find a way to progress because they always seem to, but that is...
The Manchester United collapse is not getting the attention it deserves in this thread. It is surreal. They have not found the bottom yet.
Chelsea Everton was so good. If Costa stays fit, Chelsea will win the league. I cannot believe Everton have only 2 points - they are better than that by miles. Yes they need to tighten up in back, but going forward they have a lot of quality. It was great to see Eto'o get a goal. I enjoyed seeing the warm welcome he got from the CFC players on the side as they warmed up. I wish him the best on every day he is not playing Chelsea.
should I post these in my eponymous thread? http://www.styleforum.net/t/368520/dlesters-official-repository-of-things-that-are-awful-yet-i-like-them-anyway-for-no-good-reason-shame-thread/250_50#post_7335958
There is a brand on yoox called Herman Monster that sells espadrilles....google Herman Monster and see what images pop up...it ain't espadrilles yoox link: http://tinyurl.com/kothwnp
It isn't that skinny fit -- I am 185 and wear L in the modern slim. Sizing up results in grandma's mumu effect. I wear M in their slim fit.
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