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Sure, if it becomes "the selling portal for *every* small boutique in Europe and the US" and achieves the other things you say, then maybe $1b. But that isn't the case currently. Right now people are vastly overpricing them based on hype and potential and the fact that so many tech companies are overpriced.Same thing with Uber and its joke valuation. The smart money got in early.
Farfetch is valued at $1 billion based on latest funding round. lol http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/04/farfetch/
I never seent that, what an asshole
em is fine, but for me the title holders are these gentlemen
$1k is what you should be paying for a queen mattress (adjust $ slightly for size). I wouldn't pay a dollar more. Get a firm mattress. No pillow top. No doodads, "sleep number" whatevers.
coat is Rick. High armholes and slim sleeves but large in the body. They had it in a shorter version but I wanted the longer one.thanks!ha I wish
That coat is great. I wish that were my coat. Although some of my dumbass friends would probably tell me that I look like their grandma's upholstered couch. But I would reply, "you must have an awesome grandma."The tan slip ons in the spoiler pic are really bad in that context. They might work with white pants but would never be my first choice.
I think this looks pretty good but it is hard to tell from that pic. Maybe go outside and use phone camera timer?
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