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yes definitely extend...these should be 2 week things, so the lazy among us can get our act together and post....I can never pull it together in time
Is it sheer? I am tired of white shirts that are thinner than one ply toilet paper.
Jacket is too short.I suggest you avoid jackets that are shorter than the arm length. I have used this rule of thumb and it has helped.
okay still thinking about that rick jacket. it would fit me (yay old rick sizing) it would be such a dumb cop -- I have no need and would end up selling off perfectly good stuffs to raise money for it. still...
u r back?There is a part of me that would like to disappear from SF for like five years then pop up randomly and say "hey, should i buy a towel?"
Okay I went back and tried on the blue one again today and it was a bit much, so not so interested anymore in that. The blk dnm leathers are nice but they have more zippers and shiny buttons on them than I am used to, also I am used to a thinner lining. Still, a good jacket though at that price point. They seem to sell for a significant discount on ebay, so that might be worth checking out.
I have been impressed by the BLK DNM leathers I have seen, compared with other jackets around that price point. The Nordstroms near my offices carries them. I would wear one, and I sort of want the biker in dark blue.
Has there been a streetwear suits and blazers challenge? I am thinking something like this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/320121/the-streetwear-suits-and-blazers-thread/800_50 Maybe I missed it.
New Posts  All Forums: