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size 52, fits like a large 50. $921. this is a nice jacket. http://man.totokaelo.com/rick-owens/fur-collar-flight-bomber/black/NJAB61
I will just leave this here...http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/04/vaginal-knitting_n_4386419.html
New Zara opened in downtown Seattle today. It was absolutely mobbed. It was the least "Seattle" crowd I have ever seen in Seattle. The stuff there was the least "Seattle" that I have ever seen in Seattle. No unkempt wonky beards, no dorkteck fleece, no ironic tshirts with "Atari" on it...my strong suspicion is that no one there had every pickled anything in their life or brewed their own beer, or had done a coding marathon... A nu day is dawning. Slutty t's for all!
Seeing Bows' Ann D ribbon blazer got me thinking
that pic is weird, dus left arm looks like a flipper and it is too big... is that all you have to go on? If you had asked me about a 2010 oiled calf bauhaus without showing that pic I would have said "yes"
The ones being sold on ebay are the H&M collab, which is a different jacket.
damn Yoox. I ordered a suit, and they sent me a pair of pants with no jacket. The enclosed receipt says suit, and you would think the person preparing the parcel would have known that "suit" means jacket and pants not just pants.
too damn cold! Canada plz take back your weather. You win -- you can have Detroit and the non-oil-producing regions of North Dakota. Just give me back my 48 degrees and drizzle.
good to see Kunk wearing Rick - I thought he had gone completely over to workwear.
I am selling a ton of stuffs now, feels good.
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