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white bomber
how about goatse for the front page?
its purdy. fwiw that color is "whale blue" ["with birds"].
Farfetch has them in low and medium.
ya it was probably me ... White margielas and sweating like I had yellow fever...it must have been 100 degrees down there. I made the mistake of trying on a ton of jackets and some knits. Suffering for fashun.
I agree that the space is spare and utilitarian. It is a windowless white basement, although they now have a new stairwell up to the women's section, which opens it up a bit and should probably increase foot traffic.I like it because of the selection, and the people generally recognize me and are always helpful without being overbearing. I had a sort of bad experience at Barneys the other day, so I have that to compare it to.
Totokaelo. which has to be my favorite shop anywhere. pants r sold out now.
I have a very very dark brown leather that I think looks fine and current sorta looks black in photo
unstructured trench coat. very fine cotton fabric. fits huge. blouson; tents out at the bottom when it is buttoned. has chest strap that is suitable for getting stuck in revolving doors
DVN dark navy pants with a black stripe down the side and a bondage-y type strap across the front.
New Posts  All Forums: