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I like this.
Vancouver BC? odd, since it is leather jacket season just about every day of the year in Seattle. I must have 10 of them.
Seriously, post a full pic of whatever is happening here. Right now I see Highlander x Mr Bigglesworth. A lot more interesting than what I post.
you got trolledhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/08/grumpy-cat-100-million_n_6288502.html
Trying to imagine red bean soft serve...So is DQ the PBR of soft serve, and I can go get one "ironically" but really like it? I enjoy those. Don't understand their other hype items.
thanks, I like the first one the most.what about these?
It must have just sold out. fu
I agree, and it becomes clear quickly when people get in the workplace and have to perform in that environment. You definitely don't have to be a genius to be a success. Look at Sarah Palin.
lol, an excerpt from the interview:"What qualifies her to peddle perfume in the first place? “I would say that the success speaks for itself. [My brand] is one of the number-one celebrity fragrances out there and I have 17, which is a lot more than, I don’t know, most people."Why, she sounds just like Ruth Bader Ginsberg.If this passes for high intelligence these days, then I give up.She is very good at self-branding and can leverage an immense amount of money, power and...
hmm....it is unclear what famously airheaded and vapid Paris H has to do with Asap other than they are public figures...Asap's interest seems genuine. He has stuck with it. At least he seems to realize that he is a stylist whose client is himself, and doesn't mistakenly believe that qualifies him to be a designer...like that other guy....This word is getting beaten to death, like hipster.
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