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Grana t's arrived, and I am quite happy with them. U necks very good--both worn true to size and sized up (I got two sizes). They run long which is best for me but possibly not everyone so take that into account. Nice cotton, drapes well. Hilariously inexpensive. Theo's chocolate in Fremont is excellent.
^ clothes fit fine. the look is boring though. if you want to wear that polo, try darker pants for more contrast.
that mint green Lad Musician leather is so good
hi - Margiela wool and mohair suit and side zip boots. Uniqlo shirt and random tie.
god that is awful. Seems to be exaggerated for extra wankiness, like it got the Mary Poppins treatment.
am I the only one who went looking for this thread....
always good stuff from you Rais. what are you wearing in first pic? I have envy for the reflective jacket in 2nd pic.
lol I hadn't heard of caretags until Cola did his mic drop today.and yes looks like Moo is there
lol looks like 20% of SF is already posting there. it is like SF alt universe.I wish you the best Cola
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