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Croatia were let down by their keeper. I used to like Netherlands until that very moment shown above.
I think @Rais fits are underrated round here
It is indeed featherweight. Where did you get it?
that is groan-worthy.In theory it shouldn't be any worse than a tele thinline -- I have a thinline that is a great guitar; an amazing instrument of which I am unworthy.But an LP is supposed to be a sustaining heavy-ish beast, to me. This f holed creation seems like a tweener guitar. It aint this or that.I had an es-356 a while back which was absolutely beautiful but I never bonded with. It was supposed to be a cross between an es-335 and an lp but ended up as a tweener...
is yours chambered? that is light for an LPthat TK Smith looks like a mutant but I bet it sounds great; I have no experience with blade pickups tho so just speculatin
If you can pull off that color you are a boss....fit pics are mandatory.
@theshah a recent purchase:
I find that a heavy bass sometimes crowds out some of the tone I want to hear in a strat, but ymmv. I don't put the bass on 1, just not on 10. Maybe 5-7 or so.
I do the exact opposite of this; my neck pickup is as low as I can get it, and the other pickups are set so that they have about the same volume as the neck. I also turn down the bass on the amp when playing the strat. It opens it up a bit. A strat with high pickups will sometimes warble a bit when you play an open low e, which bugs me.I find that I can get a lot of bite or back it off by just changing the picks I use. A really thick pick with a rounded edge gives a...
Any interest in transfer talk? - Who should United pick up? Who can they pick up with no CL? - How about Cesc to Chelsea (my team, I have to talk about them)? I am not sure he fits. The strategy of sell Mata, acquire Cesc seems kind of questionable. - Will anyone be left at Atletico Madrid when the summer is over? - Will Arsene get anybody useful? Will he pick up his option on Cesc at the last minute? - Who will Spurs be selling? Has to be someone. - Why did...
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