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Looks good Regis. What size are you? I think I might be getting too large for 50.
Well I can promise that you don't want to see me in S/M in Grana, Uniqlo or anything else as I would hulk right out of them!I could show you the difference between Grana and Uniqlo in Large, but I don't know how useful that will be to you. For what it is worth, the Grana L is a bit slimmer and noticeably longer than the Uniqlo L. I can wear Grana L or XL although my latest order was all L. Uniqlo XL would look stupid on me.Thanks for heads up on restock. I want some of...
birdshits in black.
do they sell those little cans of sake. pls say yes. I would ride the train all day.
Looks good. What do you mean by "hit a wall in terms of what else to do with the boots..." Just wear them. No need to attempt anything silly.
These are great, and true to size (same size as uniqlo t's) is fine. Sizing up for me is okay but not as good. I just bought another 5 last night.
Okay. But first, please substantiate your claim that "manufacturing in Japan is also to make a garment cheaper." Then it will be my turn.
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