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I asked a non-paying auction winner on ebay why they would not pay for the item they won and got the following response: "I only bided once on this item and it's not at my fault no one else bided. .. I had already purchased another bid and I'm not paying for this one... " I hate selling online.
I like those conchos
well NN is from Seattle and has no idea what cold is. None of us do. Rain, we know what that is.
haha that is awesome, I missed that...well that is what I get for only reading the odd numbered pages on SF.
I have yet to see anything decent said about the place on SF other than posts from me (the primary flag waiver, oddly) and MSG.
"Curation/Curated" is just a dbag way of saying "here is stuff that we think you will like and buy." It is the 2007 word for something that retailers have aimed for forever. The word is dated and annoying, but when it goes away the retailer's instinct to engage in this practice will remain (and why not).
I have no idea how it is to be an employee at Totokaelo -- maybe it really is like working in a Führerbunker that sells scarves and smushy bags -- but... As a consumer I like their stock, and when I am there they are nice and helpful and mostly leave me alone to evaluate the desirable things they sell. And they don't urge me to buy pieces that are not right for me. And they don't try to bullshit me by pretending to know things they don't. That is all I ask. It strikes...
Welcome back Shahanshah
Are you talking about that moleskine or whatever moss green bag that comes with the footwear?I should make more use of mine for trips to the market. They would be perfect for hauling home my usual purchases of organic vegetables, power bars and vodka.
I always liked the velcros. There were some a long while back that I really had the wants for, silver (of course).
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