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I have a dry sense of humor
My guess is:- he has always been a hard worker with a good attitude.- people are completely weirded out by his total form collapse and are sorry for him and a bit scared that it could happen to them as well, so they don't want to tempt fate by doing anything other than being nice about it.At the end of the day, he is fabulously rich and he has won everything there is to win, so not such a sad tale.
He was fading before the transfer due to injury, and Chelsea did the deal anyway. A mistake obviously, despite some good times being had here and there.It was good business by Liverpool, and funds were wisely spent on Andy Carroll.
Mandatory Harry pic on deadline day.
Do not wear jeans. You will be sweltering in jeans -- you will melt.
wear that shirt and carry this sign, you will be greeted with hugs and flowers
Please post hi-res photos of all these cops
I really like those reverse calf -- I was thinking about them for mahself, would be so stupid and frivolous though since I have other things that are just fine.
Geos Or both
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