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do you have in-hand experience with Chapter? I have thought about buying their pants and ts but have no idea about fit or whether they are worth it.
Looks good.What kind of idiot gives their brand the ungoogleable name "Something." Good luck locating their goods anywhere but yoox.
I think it is the hat coupled with the rest of the outfit that is drawing the reaction. Without the hat, it looks like a straightforward black DR fit.although in the second pic it does look like you are about to moonwalk... [[SPOILER]]
They see that there is offer and acceptance and then if no payment goes through grailed, then they presume the transaction was completed through other means. It more efficient than reading through pms, although I am sure they do that for a laugh now and then.This happened to me with a buyer who flaked after agreeing to buy my item. I waited for days for the "buyer" to pay through grailed then was flagged. I complained and was unflagged.Since then I have had at least 4...
I have several cheapshit H&M espadrilles that wear all the time in the summer and a lot of the time the rest of the year esp around the house; perfectly adequate beaters....
T is uniqlo...for what it is worth: pants are navy Lanvin bikers, footwear is Ann D, jacket is Rick
So u did get it KG, looks good! .
u will have better luck here:http://grindr.com/
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