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I think I could make them work
ran across this, an old want of mine. seller wants alot of $ though
pic isn't so good, but I think I like those
I wear my white reverse guidis in the rain, not sure you need to vibram unless you feel compelled. There is a white vibram out there (gettoasty may have done this), but your cobbler will probably need to special order them. Those boots are really nice.NN, I was going to ask you about your boots in your waywt and behold here they are, looking great.white boots forevah
I like the boots a lot NN. jacket is a bit wide in teh shoulder ~
Looks like you can give them $25 on kickstarter to be a member -- sorry "future member."my god, is Kickstarter the world's biggest scam or what?
Look for blk dnm on ebay
can anyone recommend something exactly like Acronym in every way but only costs 1/3 as much? thkx in adv
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