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Has there been a streetwear suits and blazers challenge? I am thinking something like this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/320121/the-streetwear-suits-and-blazers-thread/800_50 Maybe I missed it.
This was a really good challenge, lots of interesting fits, well done all.
thank uit is
Nice jacket bene; yes a longer t would be better. AA summer loose crew is plenty long and cheap if you want to experiment
yeah dem white boots.... That got me thinking of posting a harem shot of all my white boots and hitops/sneakers. Then I realized how self indugent and stupid that was. Then I realized that I am self indulgent and stupid, so I should really just own it. Then I got tired of thinking and made myself a g&t
shawl collar wool belted robe coat. unstructured coats not usually so good for me but still interested
haha good for you, I couldn't pull the trigger for some reason. You will probably wear it better than DL anyway....
you tried it on? how did it look in person? yoox pics so misleading....
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