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Yes it is just about $. Manchester United just signed a 10yr deal with Adidas worth $1.3 billion guaranteed money, so the money is not small.
I like those NN, i would be happy with any of them
I say size down. I bought them in my regular size 43 and also in 42. There wasn't a huge difference, but I preferred size 42 and sent 43 back.
I am selling these in 43, half patent half reverse leather. If you are interested let me know.
RVP header just floored me - a work of genius that you want to see in a WC but rarely do. After the goal Spain were shocking, horrid. Robben was a man on fire I seem to recall that Netherlands are known for fast starts in the WC then fading. They looked beatable until Spain collapsed.
will someone reveal Mirin's identity please? It has been two or more years of trolling and he/she just has to be a regular around here. No one else would gut it out for that long. This has to be an internet record for longevity. Superhuman trolling capacity.
I have never bought from there but have heard many good things about them. Someone was asking about p90s; I just stumbled onto this video from way before my time that is an LPjr with p90s plugged into loud amp. 1:20 is a good spot to start if you want to hear p90s in action. I cant tell what he is plugged into...silverface super maybe? If you want to make some rude noise you could do way worse than an LPjr into a loud tube amp.
New Posts  All Forums: