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This is 99% of human reasoning anyway; we are not immune here
made me think of
ouch I like how his sling almost looks like a long tie that he wrapped around his arm.
^ hey boss why dont you put up a fit pic ya know
^ looks okay but hard to tell from that pic. Green shawl coat arrived. Enormous. Thin felt material, sort of shapeless. It might look alright after it hangs for a while and the wrinkles come out. It reminds me of a really oversized coat I had in the 90s. It is okay, but it is going back. Shawl sweater arrived, in the wrong color. Probably going back too. We will see.
Here is my uninformed opinion - I thought that most of Vetements looked pretty good. I see a lot of Margiela influence. And I think that is fine. [[SPOILER]]
please restore the pics from this thread....http://www.styleforum.net/t/143219/the-mr-sam-gallery-of-snarky-masterpieces-thread/0_50
I bought the shawl collar long green coat true to size, L. It will probably be immense. Not sure if good thing/bad thing.
Anyone seen the green shawl collar long coat in person? How does it look?
thanks here are some wilder things that i have been considering as well.
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