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I can't say too much without seeing those in person, but I wear tux jackets with white ts and non tux pants (black jeans or whatever) and boots. And I would wear both of those tux jackets the same manner. Done right, it can look very louche.
I do this a lot.....
The hoodie is the main problem. Just wear it to the gym. Also internet badboy stance is a bit goofy. Subtract those elements, take a better photo and this works a lot better.
Does anywhere here have a deep purple/maroon blazer and actually wear it? I am considering one but not sure how much use I would get.
I love it....apparently the rest of the world calls this sort of thing a Fire Proximity Suit...
I can't believe what I just saw.....
Yah by "current season" I meant f/w 14/15, thanks.I haven't fussed with s/s 15 in person. Could be utter crap or genius level. I will defer to someone with in-hand experience (most of it probably hasn't shipped yet tho).
We can only speak from personal experience, but the Rick stuff I have seen lately has been much higher quality than over the past few years. It appeared to fall off after 2010 and hit some real low points. There were modest improvements here and there in f/w 13/14, then this season there have been many great pieces. I realize that manufacturing has moved around, but the only thing that matters to me is if the piece is right. I bought a lot of Rick in the last say 8...
These can still be had. I don't need them but keep thinking. Mentioned in one of the SF articles.
that is the easiest grab and go leather out there. I wouldn't pair it with a tie, but other than that you have a lot of options...just experiment with what is in your closet.
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