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also:- broad claims- oversimplification- anecdotal evidence- personal opinions presented as fact- the usual SF humblebrag- and uncited hooey
good point I dont' know what is picking up, my only internet activity involves SF and looking at gifs on 4chan
lol SF ad server
It is a miracle that it survived the 20th century.
A lot of people didn't know what to make of them when they first came out. Now they generally seem to sell out at full retail (I think the metallic copper ones sat for a while).
I wish I could thumb that KG fit a hundred times, well done doppelgänger fit
this seems over the top to me
Mr Moo that is a great jacket Nicelynice I will thumb all ur posts. (I bought that plokhov jacket from totokaelo btw).
I am not a thrifter, but there were some Catalan girls living in my basement this past summer (sounds weird but wasn't weird, long story) and they thrifted like crazy and came home with mountains of that type of stuff. It looked to me like they just stepped out of the pilot episode of Friends, but they loved it. I see them on FB wearing it.
They are probably just doing it because they are broke
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