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^ I cannot unsee that contorted woman's body at the bottom of the page there....
i look for any excuse to wear my down and shearling jackets...was bitterly disappointed by mild temps today.
I have been watching that @Abraxis and endorse your purchase of it. I want it too, but I can't imagine that I would wear it much. Also it is almost guaranteed to be short on me. Might get it anyway just to see. edit: looks like it is gone already. That was u Abraxis?
lucky u, the Corner has 3 different skirts as separates... [[SPOILER]]
^ great pic
Thanks! Yep, this season Dries. Tried them on at Totokaelo today. I thought they would be challenging, but I found that there are a lot of ways to wear them - formal, casual, etc. They looked great with just the sweater and no jacket too.
This is 99% of human reasoning anyway; we are not immune here
made me think of
ouch I like how his sling almost looks like a long tie that he wrapped around his arm.
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