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I had no luck with attenuators and moved mine on.re p90's...I have always wanted an SG with p90's...or a gold top with p90s and an old fixed bridge
Stanley, u two look so nice and friendly that I almost feel like I know u, and dog is awesome, but please dig a bit deeper in those big time lawyer pockets and find some moneda for better shoes.
psa - I had an excellent buying experience from Matches. Ordered Tuesday night, had the item on Thursday morning. Duties prepaid and no VAT. Shipping to the US was free. Item was $300 less than I have seen it anywhere else. The box and presentation were great but not over the top. Got a hand-signed note from someone who evidently prepared the package. So, buy from them
Yeah. I have a navy shawl collar linen cardigan from last summer that I wear a lot and was hoping to pick up some more colors, no luck yet.
Seems to me that every waywt pic that included Bernhard Willhelm footwear has been excellent...I don't know if it is the shoes themselves or the fact that the only people who seek them out really know what they are doing.
I got in and concluded that people really shouldn't wet their pants over this sale. It is almost like they marked everything up by 20% then marked it down by 30%.
y u no reply to DLester...
aren't those shitty uniqlos the best? luv em
every Barneys Warehouse purchase ends in tears, u r probably lucky that it fell though.
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