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some people just like fine things just because they appeal to them, and they are not trying to impress anyone. not everyone is trying to outdo the trust fund kids and ibankers. that is hopeless anyway.
^ cool, looks like a skirt.
I suspect that most people dumping Rick are doing it less due to trend and more because they realize that they really cant wear a lot of that stuff in real life.
Me too, but they have to be really wide for them to be interesting. Otherwise they are just going to fit like the wide-ish, full trousers that everyone who wasn't into slim cuts has been wearing this whole time. Which is kind of a bore.
Can you return items bought online to a Uniqlo store? Or do you have to ship them back?
It sounds like a miserable job
nice to know that some things never change
it is a change of direction? well, not with regard to bikers, which are well...
more reversible bombers: (1) turns into this: or (2)
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