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more on this -- somebody just bumped this 2009 thread regarding "when will baggy clothes make a comeback" to the top of the SF front page. You can see what a lot of current posters had to say on the matter back in the day, including u me jetdawg and some others.It is a short read but kind of funny to see what people were saying was going to happen real soon and what was going to happen five years later. also there is a pic of you in baggy pants as a...
No kidding. I remember people saying it in 2008 when i got here.The fuller looks in that WSJ article are not inspiring. SF does fuller fits 10x better than that.Even though I prefer slim cuts, there are some hakamas that I have been pondering. They look good here with a fitted jacket.
If it helps anyone, I got the stark and fisherman in L, and that was the right size.
yes true to size.
I have never understood the SF enthusiasm for this coat. It isn't interesting enough to overcome the fact that it usually makes people look a bit dumpy.
Well this time tomorrow I will be wearing my laceless gats and white pants in Florida, so I will also call it "tropical."
Peir Wu coat would look better without that patagonia vest. Swap out for turtleneck/white shirt/interesting sweater maybe.
thanks, good to know. Fit pic in the next few days. I need to think about how it works with what I have. Shouldn't be too hard to assemble something.
Picked this up off of yoox. This is my first EG so curious what folks think. Wool, partially quilted here and there. It fits me surprisingly well. I was expecting tight shoulder/loose midsection.
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