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yeah, this
Aeglus - I wonder what that guy is doing. I think he was a teacher, but his last posts suggested that he was swallowed up by Korean nightlife and ended up as some kind of model or mascot for a boozy energy drink. He was caught in the vortex of having five women under each arm and never came out the other side. Apparently that is what can happen when you have good hair.
there are some real groaners in there - lots of nantucket red pants, plaid used in ways that violate laws of nature, belts hoisted above the belly button zone, etc. Overall the fits are better now.
motion to rename this "The Often Awkward Superimposing Of CM Principles Into Non Suit Attire Thread"
What makes a fit MC Casual?
Ha I know exactly where where you are standing. What a great city.
there are some really good looks at this link ... I think his voluminous coats look better with the slimmer hem pants he is using here; I suspect that few people who post in this thread will agree with me on that point though http://www.lemaire.fr/collections-fr/hommes/automne-hiver-2016-hommes-fr/
Wait until uniqlo drop?Also, sad to hear about the parka; rick sizing lottery strikes again. It was the shoulders, right?
Is this only an in-store thing only? I cant find it online.
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