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I would never give out my SSN to some online shoe store. That is insane. They don't need your SSN for any legitimate reason.
hahaaokay no cardigan. [[SPOILER]]
I have no idea what I am doing with knits. Both are wool.
welcome back That suit is nice and a real deal. I got it and liked it but they didn't have enough fabric in the waist to let out about 3/4" which i needed, so I returned. It has a subtle pattern to it that you can't tell in the online pics.
I love long coats -- have a ton of them. I will post something shortly
The jodhpurs looked great too -- I am curious how this purchase turns out
^ The basic problem is that most people don't know how to dress themselves properly.
Wearing a suit and tie every day gets old fast. I did that for a while and wouldn't want to do it again. Now I only wear suits to work sometimes for fun with no tie, ever.
Time to move to Alabama
Current stooges fit really small. I just bought a 14/15 stooges in calf and had to size up to a 52. My 09/10 stooges (now sold) was a 48; my 09/10 bauhaus is a 48.
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