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A short commute is one of the greatest luxuries
I will give you $5 if you burn it
nice as usual Muad'Dib, but I have to wonder what is in that pack you are always carrying...I am guessing it is full of Peeps, beef jerky or glitter maybe
I would wear it and not mess with it unless it looks a lot worse in hand than in the pic
Pants and boots are great here.
they look great. reminds me that I need to get some APC petit standards in a fat size then taper the leg; would be a perfect fit for me.
Band was massive here around 09 or so. I still have 2 of their shirts. I like them. The fit is distinctive and is a bit quirkier than just a slim fit, but yes once slim fit was widely available, Band had a hard time selling $275 oxfords.
Vita that is hilarious. My problem on that site has been people who make offers that I accept, then they don't follow through with payment. It has happened with virtually every item I listed there, if I recall correctly. Eventually it all sells, but what an odd user group they have.
Looks good, I like the smirk. Are those the same apc that you have been posting since the dawn of time? Amazing durability. I could never get a proper fit with those. Either the waist was fine and the legs were sloppy or the legs were fine and the waist and rise were crushing.
New Posts  All Forums: