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a short interview with DVN about his new exhibition: "Simply titled Inspirations, the show just opened at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, offering an all-encompassing glimpse into the visual world of Dries Van Noten."
I have worn and washed mine many times and they are fine. Do you tumble dry? Hang dry.
Same here, I really don't look right in anything that is full in the arms. Gives me an early 90s dad look. That was the main reason I returned a Lemaire peacoat; big poochy arms.
We can go a month in Seattle without rain in the summer. We got some rain today for the first time in a while, sort of nice actually.
Ms DL's cousin married a Persian girl from LA with two brothers, and those guys are how I picture jetdawg.
your Rick dunks
I might get in on this one
Ugh there is this thing I want on sale that I want but don't need (more white hightops). I keep goan back to the website and the fuckn things r still there, like a puppy in the window of a pet shop and I am looking at it and saying "hey I have like six puppies at home and don't need u" and it keeps looking so appealing and etc and I keep thinking "well maybe", and here I am visiting 2x a day, this thing I don't need. Ugh
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