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I like those and would wear them, but you should not give my opinion much weight as I am chief apologist for their maker round these parts
Your weather is confusing. I was in Rancho Mirage last April where it was 98 and there was a hot sandstorm, and all these LA people started pouring in, groaning about the cold weather back in town.Actually most west coast weather is confusing unless you are from these parts.
I got 21oz Iron Hearts around the time I joined SF. I couldn't stand them and moved them on. It would have taken me three lifetimes to break them in. It is really a niche product.
I bet he is a never nude
There are small distilleries popping up all over Seattle. It is amazing how good some of these places are. I hate to mix their product; I usually just add an ice cube.
ha I like that gif, tempted to make it my avatar...but then i would have to give up the girl grinding on the exercise ball....
I do. The price may be ridiculous but it is iconic and to me the best of its type.Size 48 and 50 gone now. And all the black/white geos are gone too from TBS. The geos were gone within hours after they were stocked, even before the TBS email went out announcing that they were stocked (at $50 more than last season).I suspect that a lot of people passed on one or both of these things in previous seasons because of the ridiculous price and then spent the next year or so...
I am wearing a club monaco shirt with tiny pink flowers on it, no vis.Now it is crazy time
I have this but haven't read it yet. Nate was an island of sane in an ocean of insane in the last election. I must have checked his blog 4 times a day. Yay for nerds.
I don't know what he says. This was my point:
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