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victory! so how is that law skool thing treating you?
The down filled bomber with fur lined hood is really good.
Grailed is good. Your shit will be gone fast if you set a fair price.
Costa is a monster. It is so early though; how can he sustain it? Good to see Remy score as well.It is like watching bizzaro Chelsea, seeing these clinical strikers...it has been so long...I don't know what JM said to Hazard about 1/3 into the game but it worked. Eden started to play like it mattered and was a huge threat.
di Maria and Blind looking very good for United. Blind's contribution will not get much attention, but he was cool and calm and just cleaned up the trash here and there, and fed the ball back into the attack. It is an under appreciated skill, but it allows everyone else to focus on their job and settles the side. Yes it was only QPR, but United needed that badly and you can only beat who is in front of you anyway. Someone will test the United defense before long...
yes it is terrible and the shoes and the dumpy sweater and that preppygirl mannequin in the background, collectively not good. the fit model looks like he is pooching out his abdomen, overall not flattering.
I am 185 and I still fit through doors, you will be fine even if you fatten up more. (Okay I don't fit thru every door...sometimes I have to turn sideways and waddle a bit to get thru...)funny I wear a 50 in that jacket and I don't think it looks a whole lot different on me than your 54 does on u. Designer size differences are relatively small; it isn't like the Gap where the difference between large and XL is 90 pounds.Maybe a 52 would be better on you but can't say...
For what it is worth, usually it isn't a problem, then they arrive in waves. It has been bad lately. But nowhere near as bad as something like Daily Mail Sport -- if anyone wants to see how bad it can get, go there. They sometimes have multiple talking ads running at once.
I want the gaudy huge 6+ in white/gold....got to wait until December tho.
you look good, boss; that shave head is awesome -- it doesn't suit everyone but looks right on you.
New Posts  All Forums: