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hell yes on capes
wut. this is not my experience at all. living here has made me allergic to real cold and heat because we have neither. at any rate cheers PNW brother.
this for sure
Anyone else standing in this ridiculous line at the new uniqlo in Bellevue? Hoping to get in in less than an hour.
looks great NN
bring it
so has anyone had their dreams fulfilled by a Luxiere order, where you ask them to replicate an ideal item? I would be surprised if yes. Maybe they can provide something close-ish and serviceable.
go to the gymbulk upshave headlook, if none of that works, take comfort in knowing that one of these days you are going to look young and fresh while everyone else your age looks tired and beat
so is anyone wearing the painted on rick sweaters? I like them - probably the most comfortable sweater I have put on - but they are so unforgiving that I am not sure I can pull it off in real life. It is a bold look. maybe a tank underneath helps. even then tho...
^ sure that is your size?....rick leathers are crushingly small...that is for a size US 36 at most.
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