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NOS? I haven't retubed in a while and don't know the market any more, other than many dollars are involved.
What Martin are you eyeing? This thread has no love for acoustics it seems. I like the smaller Martins. My only flat top is a 00-21 but it is all I need. I sold a Collings DS1-A, which sounded great but it wasn't getting played because of the Martin.I need to see pics of those "blond jazz boxes" btw.
I bought my narrow panel 55 tweed deluxe for $800 from a place in Seattle that had no idea what it was. They thought it was a Princeton.I told them it was a deluxe and they said no it isnt in a "you are an idiot" kind of way, so I said fine and paid and when I had it back in my hands I held up the tube chart for them and showed them.Of course you didn't need to look at the tube chart, just the speaker -- it was 12".And that speaker was a mid 60's Vox silver bell speaker...
Probably because they expected it to heal his hamstring in a week like a magic potion.The treatment is described as follows: "A gel is made of a mare's placenta, which is pushed into the muscle with electricity. This treatment, a variant of iontophoresis, is not uncommon, but the addition of placenta is."Sounds ridiculous
Someone should get those white cargobaskets
necrobump here but I thought I would read from the start of the thread and came across this. That is quite a story, and that is an awesome Esquire -- I saw the pic.You still have it?
like Explosions in the Sky? maybe they are too mainstream for you though. My knowledge about that genre is not deep.Right now I am playing more jazz than anything else, but my origins are all over the place: punk/country/alt/blues/rock/bill frisell noodling, even some classical thrown in.I like to think that I have a distinctive style, although I should be better based on how much time I have put into it! I can't play as much as I like right now.I collected a lot of...
what music are you people playing? those look like rawk rigs. but what do i know anymore. That is a nice setup AC, do you ever go just go guitar--fuzzbox--amp?
Early lower wattage silver face amps are great and can be had for reasonable money. The smaller silver face amps retained the same or similar circuitry for quite a while after the switch from blackface. I have a 72 (maybe a 71, have to check it again) vibrolux that is an excellent amp.
New Posts  All Forums: