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I wish I could see the thumbs on the mobile site. I have to switch to desktop to see if people approve of my latest "should I" buy this ugly thing post
Anyone here wearing cargobaskets? I keep wondering whether I could pull them off. I think Neofinita wears them -- don't know anyone else though.
yes Happy Thanksgiving
Looks decent not great.
^ I used to have those ones exactly except they were grey melange not navy. excellent for home chillin lol just found them here, aw yeah http://www.zappos.com/haflinger-gz-classic-grizzly-grey?zlfid=191&ref=pd_brand_page_t
those Yang Li are so very good
okay thanks yall. I just remembered that Jack Straw carries EG - I will drop by.
hi I would like to give some EG a try but the one jacket I tried was short and boxy on me. I don't know which cut that was but which cut would be the least short and least boxy? Are there only two cuts? Andover and the other one?
Rick down bomber with fur lined hood. Got it through Farfetch, which is a great service.
New Posts  All Forums: