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Mustard is a reach for a lot of people. Mustard makes me look like I have a liver disease.
I know I am just giving you a hard time That kind of lighting is a photo wrecker; almost impossible to look good in it.looks like you kept the boots. good decision.
You look pregnant...
These look good...I sent them my measurements and they suggested I go with medium...i expected large or XL, as i am 185 pounds and wear large in uniqlo....I think if I follow their suggestion I may be wearing a skin-tight tshirt. Would not post fit pic of that here.hmm
that is a very 80s fit right there (...yes I am hanging around too much today cuz I dont want to work)
scarf is horrid hair is good though, so you win anyway.
no idea, but looks like Fuccboi is gaining ground on Normcore...
tira, jacket is awesome. Is that Jil from about 2 years ago?
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