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CM perspective on suits is legitimate but not gospel, and plenty of people look good in suits that are not CM approved. People should not conform to CM suit advice unless they look at CM suit fits and think "yeah, I want to look like that."
That suit will look good once you get a tailor to adjust the arm length. It isn't too short.
nice username and license plate synergyI would love one of those. There was one on my street the other day and it was so fine.
it is shorter than classic length but it doesnt look too short to me
Cargo baskets are great, although I think SF cares for them generally. You can tone them down if you use the black laces.
edit: Those look good.
god you Tokyo people are killing me with all this awesome. It makes me feel like I dress out of the men's section at Forever 21.
no psa for DL? I have had the boot version in my dream box for months. I keep eyeballing them.
no you look great why does everyone look great in Japan? someone took a pic of me in a school gym yesterday, and I looked like absolute crap with shiny forehead and dopey crooked grin. Something tells me that if you took the same pic of me in a school gym in JAPAN, I would have looked like 800x better due to some mysterious force.
I was wondering that as well@jet
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