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nice work but next time link to goatse
Coat is Margiela -- wool, linen mix, something else too, probably bat hair or whatever. It was a bit too big for me at first but fine now that I have porked up a bit.
^ : ) boots are Yang Li... I saw those Rafs but they would have been redundant with these.
either of these? rick drkshdw parka, dvn bomber.
Hi, have any of you seen this in person (if so what did you think) or know how it fits (tts, size up/down)? Thanks
Did not want to, it is some friggin default Ebay setting. I turn it off but it keeps popping up.
I didn't ship yet. Short story is that buyer does not want to pay the astronomical "global shipping program" fees and markup (usually like 1/3 of the auction price). Ebay is not being helpful. This program has killed three of my sales now.
Geobaskets and Rick MA1s are the only things that sell for a decent price on ebay it seems. Even Rick leathers go begging but the MA1s sell for top dollar, especially if near-new condition.I am getting raped on my ebay sales these days. The only thing that fetched any real dollars was a pair of Lobbs that were too small for me, but I cant get the buyer to pay now. It is trapped in that ebay "Global Shipping Program" hell.
New Posts  All Forums: