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^ Top Pot?
So according to that link Grailed claims that it holds the copyright to the phrase "make an offer"? hahahaha
Joe, so pimp
oh damn sorry to hear that. What is the story on that MMM klein blue jacket? is that the wool or the cotton version? cotton fits a size small; don't know about the wool.
I like those; not for $567 used tho
I recommend Rick plinth boots for stitchy
More on this: I put something on Grailed a few hours ago and already have 9 people making serious offers.
Balmain is easy to make fun of because a lot of it is ridiculous (except the plain white or white/black versions of the hightops which are great), but I could make that shearling work. I like the huge collar. Haven't seen it in person though.It is $6k though. Are you in for that?
New Posts  All Forums: