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.... I am 185 6'1, should I get XL in Stark and XL in Fisherman? Is Torso sized the same as Fisherman?
^ Everybody looking good. Nice work all!So I am spoilering this because I didn't wear it out and you people have endured too much DL anyway, but if you care to, pls opine as to whether the jacket is too small. Might need to move it on, which I would hate to do. [[SPOILER]]
They seem like a great deal, but did anyone who ordered in the last 3 months ever receive theirs? I read about a manufacturing fubar that delayed shipping interminably, which sounded all too familiar. But maybe I have some outdated info.
I got the stooges in calf, the bauhaus in calf, and that rick down bomber with fur hood that I posted in RP. All the boutiques they came from shipped fast and did a nice job with packaging.Sold my lamb stooges about 3 weeks ago; too small for me now.
That is unfortunate and annoying, but for what it is worth I ordered 3 jackets in the last month through FF and everything was great. So I encourage you not to give up on Farfetch.
I am still figuring it out -- I will let you know when I do, if you are interested.
there has got to be a suede bomber out there that would work for you, right?I have been hoarding leather jackets and need to move some on (dont think any would fit you).
I told my IT dept that I want this for my new phone and they think I am a bit ridiculous for wanting a fashuny thing like this.Also funny that when I told them "this is the case I want", IT said "dont call it a case, it is not a case"... (me) "well what is it then?"....(IT) "unsure but it is not a case."
The EG resurgence on SF is remarkable. EG was big in 2008-2010 then dropped off; now it is back hard. With most brands (band of outsiders), when we are done with them, we are done.
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