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SVB that is hilarious...... I have a white blazer pic but there is no way I am going to post it now....waiting until sometime next week.
you could definitely work it. . . . . and, funny, I asked about this very thing a few pages back. I have some pics of myself wearing the one I was considering. it is gone now.but there is a white 5zip on yoox for too much money, and I been thinking about that instead.
I can think of at least one place that just puts the sale items back up for full price once the season-ending sale is over. The stock ultimately appears to sell although not until it is seasonally appropriate again.
Ann sneakers fit me true to size; i have the suede his in my regular size 43. (I wear 43 in gats but could do either 43.5 or 44).fwiw Ann boots fit 1/2 size or so large on me; I have both 43 and 42 and they fit. Ann shoes definitely 1 size large, went down to a 42.I have no idea if any of that was helpful but there ya go!
sort of depressing if u think about it....
yoox has white 5zip, too many dollars atm though
yeah, I would put the 2015 girl in black lululemon type leggings and athleisure top. The rest of it is pretty good.
I used to feel this way but changed my mind; it was time for a change....the last three pairs of pants I bought have a very noticeable drop crotch. I like it.
These slightly oversized Oliver Peoples are available second hand and I have been giving them some thought.
well that is good to hear then. maybe there will be more selection. I like distinctive shapes and oversized shield type glasses although I don't actually own anything that could be described that way... I also like the old big Carrera style. I mostly wear these Samas: The rest of the time its a pair of Maui Jims that are great for driving. I look like this in small sunglasses:
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