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We can only speak from personal experience, but the Rick stuff I have seen lately has been much higher quality than over the past few years. It appeared to fall off after 2010 and hit some real low points. There were modest improvements here and there in f/w 13/14, then this season there have been many great pieces. I realize that manufacturing has moved around, but the only thing that matters to me is if the piece is right. I bought a lot of Rick in the last say 8...
These can still be had. I don't need them but keep thinking. Mentioned in one of the SF articles.
that is the easiest grab and go leather out there. I wouldn't pair it with a tie, but other than that you have a lot of options...just experiment with what is in your closet.
sinnedk, I am probably not the right person to ask since I don't do fuller hems, as it makes me look stumpy. But as an alternative, you might find the balance you are looking for with a full thigh and narrower hem, which a lot of people around here are doing now. fwiw I see no problem with pairing chunky boots with skinny/slim pants. I think the contrast looks good if well executed, and I don't care if it fits someone's idea of "correct" in a traditional sense.
Synth nice to see those AnnD's in action. All yall handsome devils look great, I am jealous!
Sinned, those jeans are giving those guys sausage thighs and dumpy floppy hems, which is not a good look. Looks like a 2007 attempt to size down on APC new standards. If you want to do a wider hem, choose pants in a fabric other than denim, which drapes badly.
There are a couple of different versions. different treatments, one with a coated hood, etc.long or short one?how much?___Accordion, that backpack is hilarious. get it
Okay well good luck with it. I was curious because my dad is a doctor and among many other things he had a sleep disorder clinic. Also my sleep was shit for years until the problem was solved a while back. Bad sleep is the worst.
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