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I don't know how helpful this information is, but in my experience the Farfetch shipments are shipped directly from the boutiques by DHL. Each of the boxes have arrived with materials that are totally different from each other, such as a distinctive printed cloth bags (like a shopping bag almost) or funky wrapping paper. Always interesting and kind of fun. Almost rivaling Matches packaging, which is best evar. The common element is that there is always a farfetch...
I like some of what I see on their website. What else have you tried from them?
This logic is how a bubble develops.People hear that "Jeff is in" on some startup and Jeff is a billionaire and he didn't get that way by being a fool with his money. It must be a good investment right? So everyone else wants in too. Then "everyone else is in" becomes the driver for more people wanting in. That is how you end up with Uber valued at over $40+ billion. Great company, great service, but not worth $40+ billion.I am not the only one asking the Farfetch...
Sure, if it becomes "the selling portal for *every* small boutique in Europe and the US" and achieves the other things you say, then maybe $1b. But that isn't the case currently. Right now people are vastly overpricing them based on hype and potential and the fact that so many tech companies are overpriced.Same thing with Uber and its joke valuation. The smart money got in early.
Farfetch is valued at $1 billion based on latest funding round. lol http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/04/farfetch/
I never seent that, what an asshole
em is fine, but for me the title holders are these gentlemen
$1k is what you should be paying for a queen mattress (adjust $ slightly for size). I wouldn't pay a dollar more. Get a firm mattress. No pillow top. No doodads, "sleep number" whatevers.
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