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that is a screaming deal if it is in good shape, these seem to move on ebay at about 800-1000The fit seems to be intentionally funky - skinny as hell arms, high armholes, poochy midsection and a good 3" longer than a typical bomber. I still want one bad tho.
I will do that tonight...I am so sorry to hear about this....
@morgan that is amazing, so 80's James Spader.
There is actually a ton of rick for cheap on MH now, just search on the first page.Be careful with sizing, I put a "large" in my cart thinking it was a 50 as is usually the case, but right at the last moment they ask u to authorize payment it reveals that large = 52.
intern: nice scarf, you look like a total hipster me: you are fired
nice work but next time link to goatse
Coat is Margiela -- wool, linen mix, something else too, probably bat hair or whatever. It was a bit too big for me at first but fine now that I have porked up a bit.
^ : ) boots are Yang Li... I saw those Rafs but they would have been redundant with these.
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