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These slightly oversized Oliver Peoples are available second hand and I have been giving them some thought.
well that is good to hear then. maybe there will be more selection. I like distinctive shapes and oversized shield type glasses although I don't actually own anything that could be described that way... I also like the old big Carrera style. I mostly wear these Samas: The rest of the time its a pair of Maui Jims that are great for driving. I look like this in small sunglasses:
Is it just my imagination or are sunglasses starting to get a bit smaller generally? I prefer large sunglasses, so not a good trend for me.
Other than that, are they any good? Did they look okay after the wash?
white bomber
how about goatse for the front page?
its purdy. fwiw that color is "whale blue" ["with birds"].
Farfetch has them in low and medium.
ya it was probably me ... White margielas and sweating like I had yellow fever...it must have been 100 degrees down there. I made the mistake of trying on a ton of jackets and some knits. Suffering for fashun.
I agree that the space is spare and utilitarian. It is a windowless white basement, although they now have a new stairwell up to the women's section, which opens it up a bit and should probably increase foot traffic.I like it because of the selection, and the people generally recognize me and are always helpful without being overbearing. I had a sort of bad experience at Barneys the other day, so I have that to compare it to.
New Posts  All Forums: