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Well this time tomorrow I will be wearing my laceless gats and white pants in Florida, so I will also call it "tropical."
Peir Wu coat would look better without that patagonia vest. Swap out for turtleneck/white shirt/interesting sweater maybe.
thanks, good to know. Fit pic in the next few days. I need to think about how it works with what I have. Shouldn't be too hard to assemble something.
Picked this up off of yoox. This is my first EG so curious what folks think. Wool, partially quilted here and there. It fits me surprisingly well. I was expecting tight shoulder/loose midsection.
aw yeahzlove the shirt ...
Creepers were great but I ordered them in my regular 43 size and they run a full size large, so they had to go. It was an easy sell-on but I was dissapointed.
That is a Dries. It is a slim coat but the way I am standing may be exaggerating what you are seeing. The other pic I took about 30 seconds later with different stance makes it look huge on me. I may post it just to show how deceiving photography can be.
all of it
porkier than a bag of pork rinds--maybe 10-12 pounds more corpulent than when I found SF.yet somehow still wearing uniqlo M shirts.
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