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Ugh there is this thing I want on sale that I want but don't need (more white hightops). I keep goan back to the website and the fuckn things r still there, like a puppy in the window of a pet shop and I am looking at it and saying "hey I have like six puppies at home and don't need u" and it keeps looking so appealing and etc and I keep thinking "well maybe", and here I am visiting 2x a day, this thing I don't need. Ugh
as I have said before:
Sorry to unclose your closure, but I think the Margiela suits are great on you. And they really have a different look altogether from the other brands mentioned. Margiela has a specific cut and look that you would lose if you went with Kiton or whatever/etc. I find Margiela louche but not excessively so in a distinctive and familiar way that I like for myself as well. So keep doing what you are doing--which is what you were going to do anyway regardless of my post--but...
i want that, but I really cant see getting a lot of wear out of it.
This is nice in person
great thread, I thumbed almost all the pics.
Totokaelo has some good stuff left on massive sale; very much worth checking out. I tried on basically everything in a size 50 and most things in eu 43, so I may be able to help if you need a description of what something is like in person.
Rick MA-1, Guidi, blk dnm tshirt and uniqlo
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