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^ I used to have those ones exactly except they were grey melange not navy. excellent for home chillin lol just found them here, aw yeah http://www.zappos.com/haflinger-gz-classic-grizzly-grey?zlfid=191&ref=pd_brand_page_t
those Yang Li are so very good
okay thanks yall. I just remembered that Jack Straw carries EG - I will drop by.
hi I would like to give some EG a try but the one jacket I tried was short and boxy on me. I don't know which cut that was but which cut would be the least short and least boxy? Are there only two cuts? Andover and the other one?
Rick down bomber with fur lined hood. Got it through Farfetch, which is a great service.
Those are great. I could wear those every day. Did you size down? I have Raf chain derbies, and they run a whole size small.
That looks great. I wish that were my coat. Sleeves are a bit long but I suggest that you keep them cuffed for a while and see what you think before you alter them. I like the length; shoulders look right.Nice boots.
Regis, always pimpin Where did you get that iphone case?
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