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as I have said before:
Sorry to unclose your closure, but I think the Margiela suits are great on you. And they really have a different look altogether from the other brands mentioned. Margiela has a specific cut and look that you would lose if you went with Kiton or whatever/etc. I find Margiela louche but not excessively so in a distinctive and familiar way that I like for myself as well. So keep doing what you are doing--which is what you were going to do anyway regardless of my post--but...
i want that, but I really cant see getting a lot of wear out of it.
This is nice in person
great thread, I thumbed almost all the pics.
Totokaelo has some good stuff left on massive sale; very much worth checking out. I tried on basically everything in a size 50 and most things in eu 43, so I may be able to help if you need a description of what something is like in person.
Rick MA-1, Guidi, blk dnm tshirt and uniqlo
thank u for sharing, I forgot how shockingly awful L'Enfant Plaza isI understand there used to be an actual neighborhood there with modest row houses and little parks and stores before it was scraped down to the earth and hauled away to make space for that hot mess.I am not even sure I am going to call it brutalist...it doesn't deserve the honor...if we are going to talk about brutalist, this one is a gem....
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