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I like it. looks kind of cholo.
Guy on the left looks like someone just stole his lunch money. That knit probably costs $4,000. You could probably get someone in Peru to knit if for you for $45 - that would be worth it. Wear it for coffee runs, or to go to the store to buy a 6 of Coors So in the top pic, are the curved bright lines zippers? It is like a 25th century union suit.
This is the solution for all the pants - you can dial in the fit by going up or down a size or two, or switching the cut. The jump between sizes is not that significant.
I have this. It is one of the best items I have bought at Uniqlo. A nice clean look. The hood is ample; I hate tiny hoods. It isn't amazing but it is as good as anything selling for 2x as much. The inside has a rubbery feel due to the waterproofing, which doesn't bug me but you may not care for it. It is a good deal at full price. I haven't worn it in the driving rain, so I don't know how it would handle that.
yay for day drinkin
I been hiding...you would hide too if Arsenal were doing as badly as CFC. Other than that, fun season overall. It would be hilarious if Lester City won it all.good game today
my posts are showing up there now...
okay that is weird.time to alert the management
Craig Green looks interesting in a strappy/bondagey way based on farfetch.
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