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can anyone recommend something exactly like Acronym in every way but only costs 1/3 as much? thkx in adv
is that an original tube screamer on your board, third from left in lowest pic?
DVN linen cotton
Thanks all!Thanks -- Jacket is Plokhov, wool and linen. Unstructured, fairly lightweight. Nice fabric texture. Can be seen here - http://man.totokaelo.com/alexandre-plokhov/unstructured-blazer/black/HJA229Boots are Ann D combats.T is a u neck Margiela with the Regis approved embroidered shoulder.Pants are black uniqlos that I now wear all the time in rotations of 3.I am a big boot tucker, cant help it.(when I saw you, you were wearing a nice Ervell bomber, so it isn't...
abt 4 years ago he was on the Today show as one of the last 3 finalist of a "best dressed man on the internet" contest, I believe sponsored by J Crew. It was painfully awkward to watch and he did not win. All true.
I saw a pic of this guy the other day and thought of your "no tats" thing.
search for JNCO on ebay
I just used my "oh shit we couldnt find your urban sweats here's $15" promo code to order 3 pairs of +J flannel pants, none of which are likely to arrive either.
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