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@myfav, that fit is good although the Ramones need some wear on them. If you want to look less Rick head to toe, swap them out. You are getting trolled so let it go.
There is a 50 or 52 that keeps popping up on ebay from a seller in Canada. They want too much money for it, but you might be able to work them down since it has been available for a long time but not sold. I have considered it
Rick bombers fit weird as fuck by design. Crushingly small in the shoulders, huge in the belly, run long. It looks off in your pics, but if you pair it with the right other parts then it could look great.
those are so good Mulan
where did you get the flares?
These are great. I bought their skinny fit raw sized up 2 and am very happy. The leg is still tapered but with the size up you get the easy fit top block and thigh.I also got their slim fit dark washed with the larger hem opening, which I liked a lot more than I thought I would. Sized up one on that. I cant have uncomfortable pants anymore.I just got some large Raf pleated wool pants with a very subtle camo, hard to see the camo in this dark pic but you can get an idea...
I like it. looks kind of cholo.
Guy on the left looks like someone just stole his lunch money. That knit probably costs $4,000. You could probably get someone in Peru to knit if for you for $45 - that would be worth it. Wear it for coffee runs, or to go to the store to buy a 6 of Coors So in the top pic, are the curved bright lines zippers? It is like a 25th century union suit.
This is the solution for all the pants - you can dial in the fit by going up or down a size or two, or switching the cut. The jump between sizes is not that significant.
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