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Okay. But first, please substantiate your claim that "manufacturing in Japan is also to make a garment cheaper." Then it will be my turn.
Thanks, that worked for me. Anyone looking for decent cheap sneakers should check out the "8" brand sneakers on yoox. There are some good looking SLP and CP inspired/knockoffs in full runs for low dollars. Quality appears to be okay from pics.
I like Oaxaca and their other restaurant Mezcaleria in Queen Anne. I don't think of them as Mexican, probably because neither of those restaurants are trying to sell what passes as generic family Mexican almost everywhere in the US.Yeah but Cali for Mexican, of course.There are a hundred good places to eat in little ol' Seattle, too many to mention. I suggest that visitors focus on seafood. Bivalve capital of the world - there, I said it. And dungeness crab. etc.NWI,...
ignore me, I am just jealous
good god you have like 800 bootsnot that there is anything wrong with that
thanks. The MA-1 is Rick
Sure - I want to wash then (hang) dry them first.
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