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aw yeahzlove the shirt ...
Creepers were great but I ordered them in my regular 43 size and they run a full size large, so they had to go. It was an easy sell-on but I was dissapointed.
That is a Dries. It is a slim coat but the way I am standing may be exaggerating what you are seeing. The other pic I took about 30 seconds later with different stance makes it look huge on me. I may post it just to show how deceiving photography can be.
all of it
porkier than a bag of pork rinds--maybe 10-12 pounds more corpulent than when I found SF.yet somehow still wearing uniqlo M shirts.
.... I am 185 6'1, should I get XL in Stark and XL in Fisherman? Is Torso sized the same as Fisherman?
^ Everybody looking good. Nice work all!So I am spoilering this because I didn't wear it out and you people have endured too much DL anyway, but if you care to, pls opine as to whether the jacket is too small. Might need to move it on, which I would hate to do. [[SPOILER]]
They seem like a great deal, but did anyone who ordered in the last 3 months ever receive theirs? I read about a manufacturing fubar that delayed shipping interminably, which sounded all too familiar. But maybe I have some outdated info.
I got the stooges in calf, the bauhaus in calf, and that rick down bomber with fur hood that I posted in RP. All the boutiques they came from shipped fast and did a nice job with packaging.Sold my lamb stooges about 3 weeks ago; too small for me now.
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