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Quote: Originally Posted by Mannix Great looking fabric. How does it fit, slim? Very. I actually needed to move up to a 16.5, and it's very form fitted on the shoulders and arms. That said I've found Partenopia sizing to vary from year to year so YMMV.
Had a meeting with a client in Bethesda today, so I took the afternoon and popped over to Bruno Cipriani. Walked out with this... Sartoria Partenopia: Details: Collar roll Collar handwork Shoulder treatment
For sale are these black bluchers from Ralph Lauren. Size 8.5D (US) and fit true to size. They are new with polishing cloth included, however do not come with the Ralph Lauren shoe bags or shoe trees. If you want shoe bags, I can included a pair of old Ferragamo bags at no extra cost. Pics accurately display the condition of the shoes. $160 Shipped CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant Pastis: Food is good, atmosphere can be hit or miss depending on your taste, prices are $2-3 above average per plate due to the LW12th locale +1 to Pastis I'd also add The Little Owl in the Village, pretty much hit one or the other every time I'm in NYC for the weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by KJT Just up for some quick suggestions. I'm tired of using paring knives... Looking for a good combo of form, function, and price. Love these, but they're too expensive: Shun 4-Piece Rosewood Handle Steak Knife Set Have these, love them. Highly recommended.
Thoughts on the Parmigiani Kalpa? I don't know much about the brand but I really like the look.
+ Sixty six posts and no one has suggested this yet? Shame on you SF, shame on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by ninian Thanks for the reply. (thanks to Invicta as well). haha, I agree after looking around on the internet nobody seems to wear a grey shirt with a grey suit, I guess I just figured as it was lighter it wouldnt look to bad. Thinking of just getting a white one. This is really the only picture I have that I took quickly when trying it all on, I know the quality is awful and the angle is awkward as I had to take it myself...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kensington What's a good place to buy bulk white dress shirts wit french cuff and regular cuff for cheap? Maybe $30-50 range. At the top end of your price range is Charles Tyrwhitt who are perpetually running a 4 shirts for $199 "special". I checked and white poplin french and single cuff shirts are part of it. Quote: Originally Posted by ninian Wondering if someone can give some kind of...
It's called locker room talk for a reason. Side note, she is hot, would hit.
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