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Holy, any recommendations since you live in Paris?
Coincidentally, just received one I purchased. Quite a lovely charcoal wool one.
That list seems suspect to me. If you look, Reston Tailoring has very poor reviews on the interent and I have used Hamza Simrick personnally and while he is good if you are working within his asthetic, I would hope that hes is not the best that the area has to offer.
Quote: Originally Posted by narkitekt thanks for the help! based on my face shape, should i stick to the square/rectangular frames? Try something rounder, your face is very angular.
Quote: Originally Posted by pikachoo can someone identify these? thanks http://whuu.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/b-store-ss/
Quote: Originally Posted by casemods alright ill be sure to post back with results Please don't bother.
I wish people would get banned for this kind of thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Ha ha. Yeah, so... you can wear the jacket like a straightjacket??? Ha ha. The point is, the pockets go backwards. Like imagine the back of the coat is the front... that's the way these pockets are. They are game pockets, to hold the birds or other animals you killed while out hunting.
genital warts
uniqlo had some about a year or so ago
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