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ROYs not bespoke? They can be!
I am sure I still see The Plod wearing DMs - I guess these days they're private purchase. THis might have been posted before, forgive, but do investigate Solvair via retail - they don't have to cost huge amounts: same soles, Northampton-made, and often good prices from the UK's remaining workwear shops/stalls. Docs were always fantastic value for their longevity, and although they hiked prices some years ago, some SOlovair is available for great prices: The stock in...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 no, you make some good points. but these jeans are not bespoke (not made to customer spec's). they are produced in small numbers because of limiting factors. its not quite the same thing but i do understand your point. and needs to make money, which i totally understand, but i was just wondering if he was doing something differently. many japanese denim companies also produce in small numbers but...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 you people are more retarded then mikecch. thats amazing... Now now. Why don't you sort this out in the playground? OP - try a google site search on Yoox; also, sometimes you seem to get items by putting the designer in the search field, rather than clicking the designer box.
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy Thanks! The "3909"? Well, yes! Yours are recent jeans, because they have the Japanese lettering on the label, The year is always one of the last digits.. . not sure what the 39 is, most likely that denotes March-Sept, ie spring summer. Love, your friendly local rocket scientist
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy ^^ thanks much. my tag is closer to the 2007 style, but different still. I know they are very recent production (w/in last couple years), but was just trying to tell which one specifically. Jsut have a look, it's normally pretty logical, there are only a few possible candidates once you've discounted the model number etc. Or post your tag.
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy Can anyone tell me which numeral sequence on the tags will tell which season a pair of LVC's were produced? Trying to determine the exact season of my '47s that are for sale. I spent some time on the sufu LVC thread and didn't find it, but it's pretty vast so I could have missed it. thx in advance. 2007: MArch 2000
I just posted a long story on Made and Crafted over on SUperfuture. Made and Crafted is a very subtle range - but I'd differ from some of the previous assertions, I'd say they are indeed suitable for denimheads. Here is some of the detailing on their chinos. And behind that detailing is a complete story. IF you want to check it out, it's here, , while an overview of where the whole range is coming from starts here .
Quote: Originally Posted by Simontuntelder Unfortunately... They should at least make all raw products in the US. Now the jackets, except some of the "old" ones and the 505 are made in Turkey. I'm fairly certain that the core of the people buying the raw stuff cares about the country of origin. And what that little extra. Do you know if production is being moved back to the US, Paul? AS far as I remember, all the raw items using Cone denim...
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