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Fantastically overpriced for the quality, like most of their stuff. You're paying a lot for the brand.
THey look legit to me, altho the stitching on around the rivets looks off, as does the lack of 'stagger' at the yoke (the two lines of stitches line up, whereas they shoudl be offset). I'd assume they are the Leiv's Japan vintage repro - some were made with Japanese fabric, some with Cone, I'd guess the first, in which case it's made by Kaihara. Some of the Japanese fabric is thought to be better than Cone, some worse, that looks pretty good altho I have no idea how it...
Quote: Originally Posted by FrankTheTank Anybody know how stow boots fit? Big/small/true? Cheers! True to size (for the UK); others have said they're generous, but I'd disagree, certainly they're slightly tighter than my Grafters workboot, and about as tight as the slimmer Paul Smith.
almostnice, you'll always be a senior member in my book.
Quote: Originally Posted by newtypeapc ^I hate waking up and finding sufu still down....Funny, we've somehow migrated the ROY contest thread onto here now! This is aho btw, checking in! Howdy! Yea, it's sad to admit an addiction, no? I even miss that grumpy old deutsch metalworker, the styling queries and the complaints... still, it's given me back hours of the day . Also SuFu doesn't call people "Junior Member".
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch So, I heard Farhad is going for 8" cuffs... No! You're shitting me!!! ( cue sound of tapping as PT orders roll of fabric from Cone ) (yup, your first PM is in the black hole. It'll wait...)
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch Did not get my daily dose of high-yield denim banter... not happy. Hopefully the SuFu admins/owners get on top of this issue soon~~~ @ Pablo: more sizing questions? :P People must not be paying attention to Mr. Slaper... I think we're there on the sizing. Just a bit of last=-minute hand-holding, primarily because people's measured-roy-gut-size is different from their traditional postshrink size. I wear...
Quote: Originally Posted by newtypeapc sufu down again? I swear, it must've been the ROY contest thread that did it in... Eeek. I hope not. I've a feeling that while some people there are very supportive of the thread, others aren't. Anyway, a welcome quiet morning with only three ROY sizing emails. HJopefully Erk, the last to order being on a rock'n'roll tour, has decided on a 34, not a 35...
Photos of the contest jeans are now up on the thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch Union of ROYalist Communist Consumers. The 30 contestant places have already been decided, sorry... BTW, the contest jeans pricing is a one off special - kind of a 'howdy' from Roy and Cone - doubt it will be repeated on retail jeans. We;re dropping the URCC. It was a dig at the materialism and consumer bias of SuperFuture that has surely run its course, and surely doesn't apply to this thread....
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