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Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Truly one of the worst side effects of intertron design forvm's is 'broken in' pictures of items that don't fade or change at all besides wear and tear. As opposed to cotton duck, which is well known for crocking heavily and evolving with wear. But, hey, it's only wear and tear!
THose are looking excellent, good luck with them. SDA aren't really jeans you rotate with others, though; the 103 is notoriously tough to fade, although the synthetic indigo is better in this regard than the XX. You will need to put in some heavy-duty wear, but when you do, they will look great, an authentic, vintage-style fade.
They do, as does one other stall a little further down Cheshire St. But they don't stock the 10-eye as far as I know - and as a fan of their Derby boots I would notice. Blackmans....
They stock them in brick lane, the Sunday shoe stalls - although that might just be the 7 hole, don't know the 10
Again, check out Solovair. All the Britiish made docs are expensive, primarily because of the amount they spend on marketing. Solovair give you a Brit boots for the price f a Chinese one, circa £74 - made in the old Doc Martens Northampton factory, available here.
IIRC, Loake are quite open about sourcing. I did hear that for all but the 1880s, the uppers are mostly made in India; outer leathers are European, leather lining chromate-tanned in India. Final sewing is done in England. I believe it's Loake's own factory in India, and these boots are therefore better made, probabyl under better conditions, than many shoes at this price point, certainly far superior to most shoes and boots on the British high street. THis Guardian story...
Are you certain they're totally made in the UK? Altho the 1880s range looks great, Loake went too low on prices even before they moved some production to India, and the leather hasn't been great for a decade. Better to pay a bit more - if you can't go to Tricker's, people like Alfred Sargent do terrific zug grain boots for not a lot more than Loake.
55s. Not sure how old, around 9 months. And bonus photos... these both got more wear time this year, but will go back in the box for the upcoming Roy Year. 1947: 1901. With authentic 1900s soot and mud...
Don't worry about it. Ankle-length jeans were rocked by Steve McQueen and generations of cool dudes. QUOTE=beatle;2494565]Choice - took a pic of Hayashi's fit [/quote]
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Thanks commodore, is this from personal experience? What's the purpose of the chain-stitch other than for appearance? Or does chain-stitching create even more roping? With a Union Special chainstitch machine, the foot attachment rolls the hem and pulls it over - increasing roping. You can get similar, perhaps as much, roping using a standard lockstitch but that will require a little more attention from the...
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