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Don't put it in the dryer. It's bad for denim. Cone - who probably make that fabric - specifically advise against it. Most Type 3s are Sanforized; I don't know about that grey, but I doubt it's STF. I wouldn't soak it; you get the full contrast between that initial crisp look, which will be more formal, then over months it will soften. Don't know why people will want to hurry the process? And without an initial soak, the wear will be distinctly better. Basic,...
Do all the STP boots have the antiqued, dark finish in the holes for the broguing? THey don't look like Stows or Malton at all to me - the leather as well as the shape. That said, of course I'd jump on them if I were in the US and they had my size. Any reports on the brogue shoes? Are they the regular Paisley or do they have the antiquing?
European buyers: Tricker's brogues (the Paisley) for £199, UK size 8 and 8.5
Gorgeous. V jealous. (I shall console myself with the fact I have a coat in the same tweed.)
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Anybody from the UK estimated the rough import tax an handlers fee? Last order I had from STP came via UPS and from memory they have high handling costs on top of the VAT/Import duty. Yup, I think it's minimum £12 from UPS; they'll charge VAT on the amount including shipping, so you'll probably pay £54-62 in charges now we have 20 per cent VAT. So sadly, conceivable savings are pretty marginal - unless...
Sorahikos look beautiful. A good, vintage fade, not overdone. More Roy X Cone.
I saw the Ltd Edition Cordovan in the flesh yesterday. Very pricey. Very beautiful.
Thanks. Black leather jacket is the LVC Blue Black from 2003 I think. THe brown one is vintage, probably 50s, probably horsehide, desperately in need of a new lining. (and I need a good variety of jackets, as those Roy x Cone will be the only items I'm wearing on my bottom half for the next 48 weeks)
Cameraman is £440 at the PResent sale. THey have the orange version in 50, and the blue in 48, shown here, and possibly a few more in the basement.
Mike has posted some beautiful details shots of the ROY x Cone jeans. Here's a couple of fit pics.
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