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I love the Indigo Immortal. One of the best LVC/Bart Sights washes. Both those pairs are very blue - is the color accurate?
A quick mention of a Brit bespoke maker, MAtt Fothergill. He trained in saddlery; many of his bags are available from the Conran shop, but you can commission one-offs directly from him, and they're terrific value. This is, of course, a travel bag. PRessie from the GF. I supplied the Irish Tweed for the lining. This bag arrived this morning. I commissioned it because I had some Cone indigo duck, wanted something smaller and squashier, either as a carry-on for...
Quote: Originally Posted by norcal_indy ^Considering those as my next pair of Tricker's. Anyone have experience with how Keswick's fit compared to Stows? I searched through the thread and didn't notice anything conclusive, but I do believe Keswick's are on a different last. Edit: I found a few posts that helped. It looks like the consensus is that the 4444 is slightly larger than the 4497 but not enough to size down. Depends on the shape of...
Quote: Originally Posted by djc The dry cleaners use a mixture of chemicals and steam to remove stains and clean the clothing without actually having to put it in the wash. This will affect the raw denim's fading characteristics. How? My personal experience is that it doesn't affect the future fading characteristics, and I can't see much of a reason it would do so. What's your evidence? You're giving advice to people, would be good to know...
"Dry cleaners use strong detergents which affect the fade." Do they? There are plenty of arguments against dry cleaning: the effect on the environment, and the chemicals which therefore leach into your denim, but the point of dry cleaning surely is that it leaves jeans un-faded, if you like the look of dry denim.
Just noticed, good prices on Tricker's here, in particlar the Keswick, which they have in a pretty complete run of sizes, at £231 - about what you'd pay for factory seconds, and these are perfect. All at the Yorkshire company, Craggs. Remember, the Keswick is on the 444 last, bigger than the Stowe, generally you size down by a half on these.
Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk sorry for late reply here are the tricker's roy, i was thinking of getting this done in a black grain on a sleeker last, maybe even balmoral... thoughts? maybe we organize for this one towards the fall since choices are already made for the next order, this is def an alternative to the tricker's brogues and the link to it https://www.shoehealer.co.uk/Tricker..._Roy_2158.html Thoughts??? That's the Grasmere,...
Robbie, you are a thirftshop artisan. What's the button code on the 501? And are they double stitched on the back pocket?
The world tour jeans are Nihon Menpu, who supply Sugar Cane (and Mr Freedom). ROy has a longterm relationship with Cone, and I get the feeling that the fact they're oldschool and American, like him, is a big part of the attraction. I reckon he will in future experiment with more different fabrics, but I'd be surprised if Cone didn't continue to be a big part of the Roy aesthetic.
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