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there are relevant facts here: namely that adriano was one of the key people to champion ring-ring denim and bring it back into production. Whatever jeans you wear, raw or distressed, he quite likely influenced them. He helped champion Evis, and had shares in the company, over 20 years ago. What kind of denim were you wearing then?
They're 1955 - paper tag, covered rivets.
That story does resonate - altho they forgot the acid wash, and the large-size bib overalls (on women) in Kansas City.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino So then Pablo-T or Bobo - If I'm currently sporting a (tts) 34-waist in the '47's, a 33 waist would be the best bet in either of the '50's models I'm debating, given their fuller nature in the top block and thigh? I like that Brando picture. Selvage all around. Due to variation in production (old 47s were an inch smaller than tagged, recent are true to size, old 55 were TTS, new ones are oversized,...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo Paul, if I love the 44 cut (high rise, anti fit, somewhat slimish/tapered legs), are the 55s comparable? I only have 44 cut-offs (!) and mine are sized a little larger than the 55, but I would say the 55 is my fave all-round cut. The rise is just a little bit lower than the 44, it's a little more tapered, while the seat is fuller. personally I'd buy my actual waist size - in whcih case it's still generous...
There are stories of Brando, or his wardrobe dept, customising his 501, as James Dean did his 101Z, but i don't believe Levi's produced 'customised' models. I think the story linking the 501Z with Brando came from a blog - I've not heard it from XX in Europe and it doesn't make an awful lot of sense as his jeans were button fly, and aren't as skinny as the LVC model. I was told they simply wanted to feed the trend for skinnier cuts. The 505 has a slightly 'modernised'...
There was indeed a 501Z, zipper model - but it was the standard fit. IIRC, the 501Z was replaced by the 502 and the 551Z. And as mentioned before, the disenchantment with the 1954 zipper is that it doesn't resemble the original - doesn't bother me, but there was a lot of confusion due to lack of information so not everybody was sure of what they were getting. I have never heard of a Levi's custom program in the 1950s, sounds intriguing, and not a little fanciful!
Someone's been messing with them. Apart from the loss of the busted seam, they've been hemmed - it should be a chainstitch with a rolled hem, which looks completely different to what you have there.
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA That's where the denim itself comes from, but I'm pretty sure the assembly takes place in a factory outside of NC. You're thinking of Taylor Togs, who also made jeans for other upmarket brands, but sadly closed down around four years ago. Cone Mills still supply denim for the models from 1915 on, with Kurabo the main source for 1800s models, and Kaihara for Sanforized. As Robbie mentioned, LVC dry items (bar...
In-store sale alert for Cinch, Newburgh Street, London. Starts tomorrow. Some LVC models are being discontinued, notably the 1915 - which many consider a highlight of their range with some of the best fabric of any LVC (or other cinchback). THey'll be half price, £110, so definitely worth turning up for - could be years until they're reintroduced.
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