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You've had the answer already!The change came in around the mid 70s, and is very common with little e jeans. If Levi\s can trademark the red tab alone, then no one else can use one, whatever the writing on it. But Levi's didn't act in time to trademark the red tag in Japan.
Twenty four hours for the relaunch? Hmmm....
MOre chino pics:
Those are the chinos, a lovely item. There's the story of many of the key pieces from that range Here
LEg twist is an inherent condition of loom state, raw denim which is cut straight (ie along the selvage). It was programmed out of jeans in the 70s onwards, with a technique called preskew. And jeans produced in the 70s were generally crappy quality. For that reason, people into ring-ring or selvage denim like leg twist - it's a bit like the scars in aniline leather, it's a flaw that shows the inherent quality. More info:
As people interested might know: 1: distressed jeans have caused major pollution, via water run-off polluting rivers in China and other countries 2: distressing jeans is immensely wasteful of energy, thanks to the use of dryers etc and now, 3: there is good evidence to show sandblasted jeans are responsible for a new wave of silicosis
Don't use the dryer. You will lose the sizeing, on the warp (indigo) threads, and with it some of the indigo. For max shrinkage, wash hot - I washed my '44 at 95 degrees celsius and got nearly three inches shrinkage in the waist. Put a correctly-sized piece of wood, or similar, in the waistband as it dries, to reduce shrinkage there.
According to the Tech dept at Cone, you should not use a dryer because it leaches out the last of the resins (sometimes wax) with which the warp yarns are sized, and takes some indigo with it. Personally, I find they also make the denim too soft, and with that kind of fluffy feel they seem to attract dirt quicker, too. You're fine with a hot wash; I've done 95 degrees celsius, which didn't lose any indigo, and took well over two inches off a 34 waist.
I believe so, at least most current produciton doesLook in the inner tag. There will be a date, near the production code (often 643) M.March 2000:Season 1, 2006:SE (september?) 2007:4809 (Season 1?) 2009
34 would be wide enough in the waist - but remember, they have narrower thighs than the 67, which is more of a carrot shape. Dimensions etc here. Might be worth going to the Levi's meatpacking store to try them all on and get informed advice, ask for Robert, I'm sure he'll see you right.
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