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I've just added a run-through of this spring's LVC range at loomstate. Some of the nicest items I've seen in recent years, especially this version of the Three Pleat 1874 jacket, in a new shade of cotton duck.
Kiya, please check your PMs. Thanks, Paul T
Here's some cool footage of Mildred Bolen, one of the most experienced loom operators at Cone, who make all the denim for the post-1901 501.
I just got a walk-through of the new Autumn/Winter range. I was really impressed by the clarity of thinking behind each item; I guess I'm more workwear-oriented so it was items like the jumbo cords that appealed the most to me, but there are also some terrific modern items, like the Rain Duffel, and more traditional stuff, like the Fox Flannels overcoat. Most of all, there's a real integrity to their sourcing - no high price items made in China, like we might find on some...
For fans of cotton duck, here's a story on the origins of the fabric's use in workwear, over at
Here's an interview with the guy who oversees the shuttle looms at Cone, plus factory photos etc.
The 1874 Triple Pleat Jacket This jacket is one of the most interesting and historic added to the LVC range, since the Nevada back in 2001 or so. I've added a story on the jacket, how Michael Harris found the original and the process of making a replica, on loomstate.
Washed my Roy x Cone jeans. The new Cone Roys are a different spec'd fabric, with I think more of a 50s colour and a standard fill (the RXC is Pima) but they should have the complexity of this loomstate denim...
Forgive if anyone else posted it already... but here's a pretty good overview of william lennon boots, the difference between their lasts, and how they're made. Lennon factory tour
The London showroom on Mount Street just opened. Very nice. Full story, including their beautiful Cordovan boots, on
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