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Quote: Originally Posted by spectre Baroni from Ebay seller the Wizard of Aahs I'll check him out thanks for the tip
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform These are ten times better and half the price: Then again, this is not an impartial post. Nice feel in the colors, it almost looks like it has some photoshop treatment though it's probably just my eyes
Quote: Originally Posted by Sylvr if you planned on being a repeat buyer you should have acted like one. no feedback is better than neutral feedback. This is what I would do, though I understand that you felt a little like the seller was a bit out of touch with you by not answering your questions
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup I am located in Toronto, Canada. What is the best brand/line of suits I could buy for a maximum $300 or less per suit? And where would I buy that from? I'm wary of eBAY because of counterfeiting and things like that. I wouldn't even know if I bought something that is counterfeit. Just check for some common sense like feedback, user reviews etc
Quote: Originally Posted by why I especially like the Turbaconucken. Just caloriffic... Check out their website, some interestingly gross stuff there
There is a difference in learning Latin as just in time VS just in case, the latter of which will not get you as urgent or passionate about learning it, which may cause you to quit due to not having a direct need for it, which isn't to say you won't stick it with, the odds are just not as good
Quote: Originally Posted by aflatau Well over this weekend - I decided to hit the town and see whats new on 'chip strip'. Its a strip of nothing but bars and clubs in a 3 block radius. I tend to stay away from these clubs/bars because they are filled with nothing but trashy people who really don't know how to dress - and pretend like they do. Example 1: I was just relaxing drinking my cocktail then I notice this kid with a dress shirt with some sort...
I remember one time when I wanted to buy one of those mechanical pencils I went to a site about reviews of the different pencils (some historical and rare) and there was this Russian guy (good feedback) selling them on ebay, I gather that site must be in the same fashion
It was up to 400k yesterday, today is a "tad" less but it's getting there, at 121 bids and with 4 more days to go I bet this is going to be wild.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 Free shipping though And here's a prank auction being made from it,...
Right, get a pair of cheap shoes so you can safely try it on just in case something goes wrong with your experiment. I'd also be interested in knowing how that went for you
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