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I also love Hong Kong International. Maybe it's just my experience, but I hate flying in/out of Chicago O'Hare, every single flight in and out has been delayed for me.
I also am not a fan
I wouldn't size up, and if I recall, I didn't alter my pants, which means I remember them being drop 6.
Has anyone checked the Brooks pricing today? Everything is cheaper (winter clearance) than it was during the special 40% off sale....and they have more sizes. Do they do any price protection? My order shipped today... and I am about $60 bucks worse off for trying to order early.
pm on the 10ds
I'll be taking the Mrs. to New York over Thanksgiving week and it'll be our first time in the city during the holidays. Anything worthwhile (shopping wise) to check out while we are there? Is Black Friday any good for deals? Our trip is from Nov. 22 to Nov. 27. We're Canadian so this will be our second Thanksgiving celebration!
I, too, would like to see a November coupon for loyal SF customers...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaymanjones I think you may all have misunderstood what I mean by "nightclub"... Without being too blunt, Im talking about going to an exclusive club, on a vip table, and a bill that will most likely total over £2K. And here's me attempting to be modest... How come this happens in every thread...OP asks, then people give their opinion, you don't like it...so in the end, do what you want since you've already...
Quote: Originally Posted by zerostyle Ugh. Can you guys PLEASE keep more inventory of the sale shirt fabrics? Everytime I go to buy one it'll disappear by the next day. It's on sale because they have limited inventory. If they had more it wouldn't be on sale.....they're trying to clear it out.
I agree with you 100% Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Am I wrong for wishing that toe box was a bit sleeker?
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