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Wouldn't the position of the pockets be a little off going from 3 to 3 roll 2? Is there a general rule as to the ideal position to place the pockets?
I think leaving the suit sleeve buttons undone, even just one, is retarded. Nowadays, I also see people leaving their shirt cuffs unbuttoned as well. I think people just like to rebel against age old tradition to be different.
Quote: Originally Posted by styledud DB need a slim figure for proper display. Not really. I think slim guys look terrible in DB. That dude in the sartorialist looks weak. The whole point of wearing a suit is to make yourself more presentable, if you're a noob, and more powerful, if you have mastered the art of dressing.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I love double-breasted suits. It's just tricky to get the proportions right, but I don't see why they're necessarily more appropriate for tall, skinny people. Actually, the DB is tricky with body proportion, more accommodating to weight than height . I find fat guys pull it off quite well regardless of height. Also, DB has a certain quaint look to it and gray headed guys just look more appropriate with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock I cleaned up on the poker sites in college. These days the poker boom has matured and there is much less low hanging fruit. Around the time of Rounders/ Chris Moneymaker winning the world series, by simply knowing how to make reasonable equity calculations you could be a winning player up to the $400 NL level. Now there are people playing 100 NL at the level you only used to see above 600 NL, if not higher. I have...
Do girls often kick guys in the balzl these days? I remember seeing this a lot in old films but have never experienced it myself. edit: never been kicked.
Omega is a refined brand. It's one of the few brands that don't scream douchebags when a young person wears it. However, you're not that "young". I would have problems seeing a 12 years old with the pictured watch but certainly not someone at 24. My uncle is a jeweler and I've rented his Vacherons on a few occasions no one seems to mind and I'm even younger than you are.
I'm thinking of getting an army 1945 for school. Does anyone here own one or has real-world pictures of it or other bags from this maker? Their price are on the high end for the intended use but I'm curious whether these will hold up well in the long run. Also, how easy are they to work with if I want to get a model tailored to be slightly smaller than stock length?
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong ^ Yes. So besides fit, my Levi's dark blues ( I don't know the numbers) are "raw" in a sense that they have not been pre-washed?
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik And how much exactly does that run - moreover, how many races has he won? I don't know the exact cost as the pictured bike is a one of a kind time trial bike, build for the industry demo. My neighbor had a frame built for him by the same maker, but with road geometry. The components that went on it are basically all carbon imported from Germany. For seatpost, saddle, and brakes, and many tiny bolts, he...
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