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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Yep, Americans working overseas still pay income tax on income over 80k iirc. I am appreciating my canadian citzenship more and more every day. so 80K is the cut off? Meaning people making under 80K are exempt? That doesn't sound so bad.
But his "intentions" are clearly benevolent. I am more and more inclined to think Barack Obama is a good person. Judging his ability to preside is not within my sphere of expertise.
I've been on the South Beach diet and looks like it's working. I used to drink a gatorade or two after a jog. Now, it's just water and bam....weight loss. Okay, I also drink gatorade with my lunch and dinner. But my stomach is thinning up quite well. I can see two packs coming out.
For toting books and supplies around, which is better? They look to be around the same size, approx. 15" across. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by DDSJohnny just so happens you got the short end of the stick and they're erupting in sideways (impacted). go see a dentist or oral surgeon. you can't manually straighten your teeth without braces/invisalign can you? 3rd molars are just bad news. evolutionarily, we don't need 3rd molars to eat anymore since we're keeping our teeth for a longer period of time. not only do they cause a lot of orthodontic problems, they're...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy it will gonna get better Kronik... sorry to hear about your present situation but I'm sure things will look up soon. +1. My current job as waiter has been pretty rewarding. You hear this kind of stories all the time and I always tell them things will get better. Ironically, even unemployed clients can be generous with tips.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater No she's not. I think she's an attractive woman. Have you met her in person? She is quite a dame if you have the chance to chat with her.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyroneFig Um no (were you serious?) Yes I'm serious. There was a time in my life where I don't get enough time by myself. People would harass me to no end and I'd secretly wished they would all go away, by natural or unnatural means. Personal relationships weren't all that great for me either. These days, many of my friends are moving on and besides work I do have enough time to enjoy my own companion, but it...
So mine is coming out on the top left of the jaw. It grows sideway, right into my my left jaw. Is there any way to manually force the direction of growth to the normal position (downward)? It hurts so much right now.
You guys are lucky. I really do want to go to sleep though but can't.
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