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read my sig.
In terms of value, I stick with Aussie reds, esp. their Syrah which often have that deep spicy taste with a hint of stale tobacco. Most noobs will find the wine "manly."
I got myself some RL brown corduroy slacks for summer. They are basically jeans for suburbanites but my friends are giving me the "he got retro fever" looks.
not enough of us over at Current Events. I've been fighting an uphill battle.
Apc Ftw!
I wonder if these people share any close ancestry with the ones currently living in Papua New Guinea. They certainly bare physical and postural resemblance to the primitives on New Guinea, in contrast to the Asians in the region who are lighter and more cunning. I remember fondly of an acquaintance who spoke one of their dialects. He was a WW II vet who drifted on the island when his supply sub was torpedoed by a Holland I class Japanese sub during a brief skirmish. He...
I read somewhere that during times of economic recession, people tend to get fatter. You'd expect the opposite.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah It's the name of my favorite spanish warship that I hope can be made into a pocket. Are you completely retarded? He and many others have said photoshop. What did you expect him to say - MS Paint? And it's funny that you wrote "programme"...real funny. To know me is to love me. You'll see in time my dear Haganah.
You guys are awesome. Thank you all for the advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Subject #13: dopey Problem: Collar canyon. Foofification: Tightened collar, new tie and square. Foo, Which editing programme do you use? You got mad skillz dog.
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