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From the numerous reviews I've read and personal communications I've made with owners, it looks like green will maintain it's classic look after period of hard use. A lot of people complained how easy it was to darken the tan canvass...like the first few uses. I'd go with green. Also, tan makes the bag look too outdoorsy, esp. inappropriate if you live in the city. For this setting, Hathaway & Daines or Ghurka would be a better choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I have a corduroy three-piece suit. do you have pics?
I've just checked out Scott's last updates and to my dismay no Mafoofan to be seen anywhere Why is this? They both live blocks from each other. I mean how can you miss the foo? He even has a picture of himself walking the streets of NY.
I own this old school briefcase made expressedly for Neiman Marcus which has mainly brown corduroy exterior with chesnut brown leather trimmings. I usually take this case with me; it matches my slacks. I am hoping to make a trip to NY this summer so Scott S. (Mr. Sarto) can take a picture. Then, corduroy will really be in vogue.
read my sig.
In terms of value, I stick with Aussie reds, esp. their Syrah which often have that deep spicy taste with a hint of stale tobacco. Most noobs will find the wine "manly."
I got myself some RL brown corduroy slacks for summer. They are basically jeans for suburbanites but my friends are giving me the "he got retro fever" looks.
not enough of us over at Current Events. I've been fighting an uphill battle.
Apc Ftw!
I wonder if these people share any close ancestry with the ones currently living in Papua New Guinea. They certainly bare physical and postural resemblance to the primitives on New Guinea, in contrast to the Asians in the region who are lighter and more cunning. I remember fondly of an acquaintance who spoke one of their dialects. He was a WW II vet who drifted on the island when his supply sub was torpedoed by a Holland I class Japanese sub during a brief skirmish. He...
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