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Quote: Originally Posted by binge Here in StyleForum we are inundated with trolls, yet somehow we survive. You must be drunk on cheap wine to be so easily perturbed. I'm not really criticising CA wine producers just saying they don't go out of their comfort zone.
I'm surprised so many responded yes. I expect like 20% to have responded yes...just not 60%.
Beckmen Estate Syrahs are also of very high quality for the price. Probably the only CA wine I like. I had a vintage from 2004 last month which surprisingly produced a rather strong mix but light and tamed finish with a peppery aftertaste. In Oregon, we're inundated with CA wines, while having the benefits of good price can tend produce very typical taste. I'd like to see NorCal going back to the time where winemaking is more a process of experimentation than...
too bad she is so fake. I'd support her if them melons were natural.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Filson's main 2 colors are so well thought out, I always have a hard time choosing, but in the end I always like tan better. But, does it come in brown? no. Just green, tan, and woolen gingham from talking with David (Crane's).
From the numerous reviews I've read and personal communications I've made with owners, it looks like green will maintain it's classic look after period of hard use. A lot of people complained how easy it was to darken the tan canvass...like the first few uses. I'd go with green. Also, tan makes the bag look too outdoorsy, esp. inappropriate if you live in the city. For this setting, Hathaway & Daines or Ghurka would be a better choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I have a corduroy three-piece suit. do you have pics?
I've just checked out Scott's last updates and to my dismay no Mafoofan to be seen anywhere Why is this? They both live blocks from each other. I mean how can you miss the foo? He even has a picture of himself walking the streets of NY.
I own this old school briefcase made expressedly for Neiman Marcus which has mainly brown corduroy exterior with chesnut brown leather trimmings. I usually take this case with me; it matches my slacks. I am hoping to make a trip to NY this summer so Scott S. (Mr. Sarto) can take a picture. Then, corduroy will really be in vogue.
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