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Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Not really men's clothing, but nonetheless how do the folks on here feel about the Hermes womens silk scarves? Are they worth their weight in gold because they sure do charge it. Dumbest post of the day simply for topical relevance. Mods, please DT this as it has nothing to do with MC. Maybe GC but that's a stretch.
What I like is that most people that bring in valuable antiques look like local farmers while the appraisers try so hard to look old money English. But, there are cases when these appraisers go completely overboard: Your typical client: typical appraiser: I can't find a decent pic. but there was an appraiser on the UK show with a three piece green woolen suit with super large window panes. His sleevepitch is way off with no effort in pattern matching. I had...
this is the time where you should consider marriage.
Obama is a good guy. You can't judge him by his politics.
Quote: Originally Posted by madaboutshirt I have yet to meet an honest tailor, IMO all tailors are BS artists. What do you guys think? It depends. You, as client, must absolutely know what you want. The less you know, the more likely they're going to hasten their time with you.
Can one wear these with a cotton suit jacket and loafers? They do come in many colors.
I roll my jeans but it's because they are too long. Look nice with a 3/4 coat though. Rolled pants/jeans look stupid with just a t shirt on.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso +1. You have two choices: bro hard or bro home.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge As determined by what your parents find at your local supermarket? Whose turn with the login tomorrow? Not a good instinct moment.
cashmere don't smell too good when aged.
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