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Can one wear these with a cotton suit jacket and loafers? They do come in many colors.
I roll my jeans but it's because they are too long. Look nice with a 3/4 coat though. Rolled pants/jeans look stupid with just a t shirt on.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso +1. You have two choices: bro hard or bro home.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge As determined by what your parents find at your local supermarket? Whose turn with the login tomorrow? Not a good instinct moment.
cashmere don't smell too good when aged.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Here in StyleForum we are inundated with trolls, yet somehow we survive. You must be drunk on cheap wine to be so easily perturbed. I'm not really criticising CA wine producers just saying they don't go out of their comfort zone.
I'm surprised so many responded yes. I expect like 20% to have responded yes...just not 60%.
Beckmen Estate Syrahs are also of very high quality for the price. Probably the only CA wine I like. I had a vintage from 2004 last month which surprisingly produced a rather strong mix but light and tamed finish with a peppery aftertaste. In Oregon, we're inundated with CA wines, while having the benefits of good price can tend produce very typical taste. I'd like to see NorCal going back to the time where winemaking is more a process of experimentation than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Filson's main 2 colors are so well thought out, I always have a hard time choosing, but in the end I always like tan better. But, does it come in brown? no. Just green, tan, and woolen gingham from talking with David (Crane's).
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