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Quote: Originally Posted by nbnguy98 Why is off white better than pure white? Can you please elaborate? The same reason charcoal is better than black. I'm not 100%, but I think it's less in your face than pure white.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD In before: 1. Jon Leibowitz blah blah veiled racist comment 2. iammatt: There is nobody in the world worse than Jon Stewart 3. Someone says something about him being the "voice of the left" and how that's a horrible, despicable thing 4. Piobaire and GQGeek quote iammatt and then say something sarcastic about liberals, but include smilies 5. Baron writes something sensible but is misunderstood for two pages of...
I really like this look:
If you go white, it has to be double breasted. Baby blue and or pink stripes for tie and accessories with brown/orange gingham cotton square. For belt and shoes, DO NOT go black. The best color with white is chesnut brown or antique oxblood. A yellow Cobra for transport and royal oak on white stingray for time.
Registered Republicans are now in the low 20s percentile in a recent poll. So did all these people joined up with the libertarian camp. or did they go the way of Specter? Also, given the current supermajority in the house and senate, do you think a viable third party will emerge should the Dems failed to realize their promises to their main supporters, who may join up with disgruntled Republicans as a result? I'm very curious.
Any here curious what the foo is packing underneath? I'm willing to bet he has 6 packs.
Bespoke man amidst RTW body suits. If the Sartorialist wants to win the Pulitzer, he should travel to Mexico City pronto!
This is so messed up. My school won't cancel classes and the principal rejected my excused absences on the ground of Swine flu.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyoneill Is it the John Lobb Darby? The name is "co-respondent" aka the "spectator." It is a white/british tan leather combo wingtips. There's only one site (Men's Flair) with pics but they are prohibited to copy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Conrad 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calendar. However, it's not supposed to be "the end of the world" but the beginning of a new world order; the end of a thought pattern. I hope so, although there are more folks out there crying doom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAtgPaggeTM http://www.december212012.com/
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