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Frankly, Pams and Rolexes are too watered down and have become status symbols to the uninitiated. If you already have sport watches, I think you will find a lot of joy owning a classic dress watch, of which there are many.
My parents said back in the days it wasn't considered a taboo to wait in long lines to see her movies. I saw Behind Green Door last year with my cousin and I thought it was stupid. The scene where the really fat woman receiving fellatio in the "private view" room ruined the whole film for me.
remove your top hat, slight bow, and gently grab her free hand for a gentle kiss. Works every time for me. The last gesture is done at your discretion when a male companion accompanies her:
in a decade or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow From the first half of your post, I would have never guessed you lived in the suburbs. or an upper middle class one at that.
I'm seeing more and more products, from bicycles to ipods, where it's labeled "designed in ..." but "made in..." Which do you prefer?
Who retail Kent Wang? This is the first time I've heard of this designer.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 The difference is striking For being such a vociferous critic, you sure follow his "progress" quite closely. Could it be budding bromance?
Quote: Originally Posted by cmeisenzahl I realize this is somewhat subjective, but I'm interested in people's anecdotal experiences w/ various brands of dress shoes? Of course I mean dress shoes, not sneakers. Let's say AE shoes and up? What companies make soles that last relatively long? What brands have soles that quickly get shredded? Thanks! ;-) It really depends on the extent of use.
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