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Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Why does everybody hate on calculus? It is not very hard, and incredibly useful. I don't think people should be allowed to graduate without two full courses of it. We can see why it's been useful to you. Your opinions are full of derivatives.
What are some features you look for to determine quality? I've seen a lot of brass/gold metal works on the Lobbs and Green ones but they are so expensive, basically the price of my shoes. Thanks.
Any psychology courses in particular? There's an offering for a course on Schizophrenia in the fall quarter at my school but I'll have to take general psych. as a pre-req first.
Matt Fan, assistant editor to the Sartorialist? I thought the foofed jacket looks great. Is mafoofan's critical analysis supported by his own confidence or has he somehow been given this authority by the forum?
I new a few for my shoes. Suggestion for an online or local source is preferred. I'm in Oregon. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Impact of feminist thought in the 20th century. Care to explain how this has proved "useful"? Thanks.
What random courses you took which have proved to be useful later on?
There must be one every few hours or so.
Only a few threads here in the past. I'm curious how the recent ones have improved. I'd appreciate any feedbacks.
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