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I'm thinking of getting an army 1945 for school. Does anyone here own one or has real-world pictures of it or other bags from this maker? Their price are on the high end for the intended use but I'm curious whether these will hold up well in the long run. Also, how easy are they to work with if I want to get a model tailored to be slightly smaller than stock length?
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong ^ Yes. So besides fit, my Levi's dark blues ( I don't know the numbers) are "raw" in a sense that they have not been pre-washed?
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik And how much exactly does that run - moreover, how many races has he won? I don't know the exact cost as the pictured bike is a one of a kind time trial bike, build for the industry demo. My neighbor had a frame built for him by the same maker, but with road geometry. The components that went on it are basically all carbon imported from Germany. For seatpost, saddle, and brakes, and many tiny bolts, he...
Any of you currently on this path? I'm winning all of my buddies' money. What now?
I must confess. I don't have a Wang.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Hi guys, is there a hairwax product out there that is predominantly beeswax and contains minimal amounts of other stuff eg preservatives etc? Why? I've only seen leather conditioners...for animal skin.
If I have money, it'd be a Ruegamer with Sram Red. My neighbor has one built last year with super record 11. Unfortunately, his "bespoke" geometry is not quite right so he may get another one for better fit. Some people have no problems burning cash.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Subject #4: Iammatt Problem: Over-poofing, too much yellow, exploding shirt collar (caused by over-poofing), baggy thighs. Foofication: De-poofed pocket square and ascot, higher-contrast coloring, slimmed trousers with shorter rise and longer length. I don't know. He looks pretty good. He does have tiny feet compared you though, Mr. Foo.
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student Clearly you don't care for other human beings. I mean, the only reason you went into health care was so that you could not only enjoy the spectacle of human suffering first hand, but profit from it as well. Right? What??? Piobarie is a (medical) doctor? Now I'm afraid of getting sick.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I've never received a libelous PM from Aperipan. I feel left out. I only send PM to smart people.
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