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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I have two. I think they are just about perfect, and while I am sure there are pics of them somewhere, I don't have the energy to find them. Often they look like crap, but when they are good, they are phenomenal. This is a good opportunity for the Foo to do a search for ultimate foofication.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan My kids will make due with print-out calculators until they turn 18. I've been wanting to ask: is your wife Jewish? I'll like you a lot more if you say yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked This is why, 14 year old + Internet = Not if I dress better than you. BTW, why do you copy my avatar?
Wouldn't the position of the pockets be a little off going from 3 to 3 roll 2? Is there a general rule as to the ideal position to place the pockets?
I think leaving the suit sleeve buttons undone, even just one, is retarded. Nowadays, I also see people leaving their shirt cuffs unbuttoned as well. I think people just like to rebel against age old tradition to be different.
Quote: Originally Posted by styledud DB need a slim figure for proper display. Not really. I think slim guys look terrible in DB. That dude in the sartorialist looks weak. The whole point of wearing a suit is to make yourself more presentable, if you're a noob, and more powerful, if you have mastered the art of dressing.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I love double-breasted suits. It's just tricky to get the proportions right, but I don't see why they're necessarily more appropriate for tall, skinny people. Actually, the DB is tricky with body proportion, more accommodating to weight than height . I find fat guys pull it off quite well regardless of height. Also, DB has a certain quaint look to it and gray headed guys just look more appropriate with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock I cleaned up on the poker sites in college. These days the poker boom has matured and there is much less low hanging fruit. Around the time of Rounders/ Chris Moneymaker winning the world series, by simply knowing how to make reasonable equity calculations you could be a winning player up to the $400 NL level. Now there are people playing 100 NL at the level you only used to see above 600 NL, if not higher. I have...
Do girls often kick guys in the balzl these days? I remember seeing this a lot in old films but have never experienced it myself. edit: never been kicked.
Omega is a refined brand. It's one of the few brands that don't scream douchebags when a young person wears it. However, you're not that "young". I would have problems seeing a 12 years old with the pictured watch but certainly not someone at 24. My uncle is a jeweler and I've rented his Vacherons on a few occasions no one seems to mind and I'm even younger than you are.
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