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Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Replace with "pokemonning" if you please. I'm suprised so many women put themselves in these types of living arrangements. When the time comes to deal with the consequence, women have more to lose. Or do they rely on favorable ruling over the teh man in 99% of the cases when it goes to trial? If I remember correctly, common law looks to precedents. In the case with the gheys, most haven't been legally...
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Common law marriage is no longer recognized in all states I don't think. Where it is recognized, there is usually a requirement for years. Often strong evidence of common law marriage requires the woman to take his surname, for them to have joint checking accounts, to hold themselves out as "really" being married, etc. In most of the cases of the Ring Chaser, they often maintain seperate apartments for a while but...
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist filial duty fail. My fault.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I like grannies, but not granny porn. Maybe you should change avatar?
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara He's proud of his job at the car wash. And you're a college student who spends 89% of your time looking at granny pornz. Talk about opportunity cost. The worst part is that you spend another 5% of your time opining about your geriphiliac fantasies on this forum
I emailed her.
good post.
A lot of the comments from the littluns here make me laugh. Since I joined this forum, I am now taking a shit job but it pays well in tips. So financially, I am at a better position than I was a few months ago. Yet, how many people here take widely available jobs for granted, and so a job at McDy's is looked down upon. I will not indulge in cliches but I will just say that reason the youth is so disillusioned with today's economic and political reality has much to do...
what is the designer trying to accomplish with this? Surely, there must be a reason, perhaps a consideration for a certain type of face or shoulder shape on which this collar would render the wearer more attractive or appealing to the eyes?
Looks like I overdress as a waiter.
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