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Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso As did the Taleban and the Nazis. There wasn't a goddamned thing honorable about what they did or why they did it. I agree with Hos. The rebels failed because they fought under a general who did not read Sun Tzu. He advised his troops to attack uphill in every major battle.
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketTriangle Haha, you must be under the impression that current fashion is focused on making people look good, rather than making people shell out cash for whatever half-baked idea they think of. Look up Thom Browne and you'll see what I mean. You offend me. I like Thom Browne, esp. his refurbished designs through the mill of BB.
Nonfunctional pocket square; won't fit even the smallest Wang.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I agree with this 100% - guys used to want to settle down and get a job at the factory or farm, or what ever job they could get, because they couldn't get laid until they did. if they weren't successful enough to put food on a table and have a roof over a families head, no nookie. our society has changed that equation, so why should somebody work at a job he doen'st love and settle down? he has toys, he has sex,...
what happened to the facepalm smilie? It got kidnapped.
Don't piss him off too much. Just poke him until he froths at the mouth and leave before he bites you with rabies. Eventually, he will be annoyed enough to leave. Besides, if he knows how to wire a car bomb, things could get really ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Replace with "pokemonning" if you please. I'm suprised so many women put themselves in these types of living arrangements. When the time comes to deal with the consequence, women have more to lose. Or do they rely on favorable ruling over the teh man in 99% of the cases when it goes to trial? If I remember correctly, common law looks to precedents. In the case with the gheys, most haven't been legally...
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Common law marriage is no longer recognized in all states I don't think. Where it is recognized, there is usually a requirement for years. Often strong evidence of common law marriage requires the woman to take his surname, for them to have joint checking accounts, to hold themselves out as "really" being married, etc. In most of the cases of the Ring Chaser, they often maintain seperate apartments for a while but...
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist filial duty fail. My fault.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I like grannies, but not granny porn. Maybe you should change avatar?
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