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Quote: Originally Posted by TheLeprachaun Yes,no,maybe so? Definitely. And also tell me where I can get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc ^Le Male has a good tobacco, vanilla vibe, so it appears you like sweet scents. I won't recommend something SIMILAR to the Gaultier, since you might want to branch out a bit, but something that you still might find nice. Fresh Cannabis Santal or Cannabis Rose. If you can't locate a store that carries it, give Mugler AMen a try. Both are kinda interesting and sweet. Thanks again!
I've been wearing mostly Le Male lately, but I'd like to get into another scent. I'm not really into musky scents. Anyone want to make a recommendation?
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Nice Collective combat boots from Roden Gray. I really like these, but the top picture looks much better, and it looks leather as opposed to suede. Can you provide more info?
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I'm not sure why people post questions about these boots, clearly they're accepted, standard fare around these forums. I'm well aware that you are asking about boots in general, but I think this thread's about receiving a few binary answers about items in question, not to receive suggestions based on a few criteria you have in mind of your quintessential item (which, in your case, has been done before and can be found...
I really need some boots. Though I prefer black, and something with a higher ankle, I'm having trouble locating a pair I like (for the price). The only black desert books I could find were suede. Clarks Desert Boot (Antiqued Leather)
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin The gray one. Info on this?
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni Photoshop
Where'd you get the Ricards?
Do these generally stretch a lot? Any info regarding future fit?
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