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supercompensation is silly
got some light rehab assigned since the ART seems to be going well by the chiro's assessment. i have never been so happy to do tricep extensions with a 2lb weight and the lightest theraband in existence.
Sooo is LG/IF basically nonsense scientifically then, or is gorging for the sake of sparing still viable?
listening to my zen music on the beach, nothing like some converge on a sunny dayAlso p funny watching the misctards walk around with a not too subtle full body flex going on, miring actual jacked dudes more than the women are.You still gonna make it bro, no worries... Concept gonnan chime in with rehab perspective soonBTW did they ever catch that dickless fuck who ran you over?
Volt, not a fan of black kicks
i'll be here all night i would get a pair but on sale they aren't returnable. anyone interested in 9.5's if they don't fly?
looks like you'll be doing squat
thanks for the recs and that website. i suppose im being picky because i have do-wins (from knucks) and had the adidas powerlift (sold to mark) and i preferred the do-wins by a large margin (not because knucks). the powerlifts were a bit big, though, and i found out that the .25" difference in heel height made a big difference in feel. hopefully a snug fit + heel height difference will make the adipowers better, but i do like the two straps on my do-wins, so im still not...
New Posts  All Forums: