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That's a little excessive.
1. Hodor djing has completed my life 2. I'm gay for oberyn 3. Tywin is a boss, dem shades. That and the mountain/oberyn bros shot has made me feel better about that episode. As long as they're buds IRL and I don't have to listen to that scene again, I'm good. Cersei also seems surprisingly cool considering what a cunt she is on the show.
if you work out in the morning you'll want to eat something decent afterwards. i tried IF last year around this time: 1 scoop whey 530am, lift 6am, 1 scoop whey 8am, first meal noon and i was ready to murder somebody before twelve. works well for dropping weight, but in retrospect i doubt that extra 4 hours of fasting from 8-12 really did a whole lot; i probably would've been better off with a window of 8-6 instead of 12-8.
Anyone have any experience with the Stick? What model should I get? I'm tempted to spring for the stiffest one since I enjoy pain when it comes to trigger points and massage and whatnot but I don't know what I'm getting into.
i think its been a year since i promised everyone i'd write a how-to-swim guide... 13km to work one way. just a thought i'm entertaining, if its anymore than a few hundred bucks which it most definitely is i will stick with my jetta.
what's the all-in cost on a non-shitty, decent bike for commuting that will last? i know this is SF and we all like nice things but for real my dutch blood doesn't allow me to spend money on nice things.
i took it as such. what a nut-kick that ending was.not going to lie, i re-watched that a couple times to flush the ending out of my head. [[SPOILER]]
honestly feel queasy after that one, even though i knew it was coming. ugh.
fuck what has been seen...
Knife in the heart for Chicago... only fitting that it would be a crappy bounce in that game.
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