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Uh oh, stronglifts is in an iPhone fitness commercial. Prepare for the shark to be jumped
Did 13km in 1h20m today. Longest I've ran before, and the pace was slowed a bit by my companion. She cut off at 10 and I was able to do the last 3km at 5:20/km which was really encouraging. Runkeeper has me doing 15km and 17km in the next few weeks. At what point do you bring water or some kind of fuel?
yeah i did NSAID drug abuse for a week straight but it didn't really do much. i mean it felt good day of, but didn't notice any lasting effects as soon as i went off.im legit hooked on voodoo floss though. worked my calves and ankles before my run tonight and it took away that initial calf/ankle tightness/suck factor from the first 20 minutes of the run - i felt pretty limber. run was fucking great as a result. i think i want a hard copy of supple leopard, i have a pdf but...
if there's a point in my upper back/shoulder/infraspinatus/rotator cuff/lat that provides 110% relief to my elbow when i isolate and hammer with a lacrosse ball, but quickly stiffens up again as soon as i'm off of that point, what does that suggest?
someone is selling size 11 black romaleos on kijiji locally for 45 bux. sad not my size.
Rofl I read that as eason being bad mannered and thought he was just fucking with Fuji and then I realized its that other guy. lol
mother fuck, voodoo banded my elbow and then did elbow distractions with a monster band. pain has never felt so good
pretty sure I have been crying about the same thing for the past 6 months, don't feel bad
voodoo bands seem to be helping. i can't fully flex without pain but i can rotate my forearm between pro/supination while my elbow is at 90 without pain now. i used to get pain in the outside of the elbow when i supinated, but thats gone after a couple days. hopefully this "gapping" or whatever lingo k-star has propagated actually has merit to it.join me in the elbow injury feels club and start running. shit sucks balls but at least once in awhile you get those endorphin...
good thing i didn't make any bets. great ep, satisfying end to this season. can't believe its done already. some wasted screen time in a few spots but overall it was pretty enjoyable.
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