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I'm a fan of the Dutch if that means anything. Who is worthwhile in the dutch league? Guys like kuyt, v persie etc all play in turkey? No idea how the leagues work. Looks like I need to do some wikipedia-ing. I just don't want to end up rooting for the LA kings / Yankees / typical "evil empire" type always-good team.
in the past week or so, i have acquired: pressing stand pair of squat stands pair of squat stands with safeties hex bar plate-loaded pulldown powerblocks assorted crap, more plates, adjustable kettlebells, fat gripz etc my work wants me to upgrade some of the junk we have in our basement since i told them they'd be stupid to buy it brand new. powerblocks, pressing stand and a set of squat stands are going to my work gym; i'm also going to cop a cheap 300lb olympic set...
This WC piqued my interest in soccer again. Who do I cheer for?
isn't squatting and deadlifting bad for you, as you've endlessly posted about in the past? what's the point of squatting and deadlifting if you aren't pling? isn't that too risky? you consistently post the most inane and misinformed shit itt, not sure what me being injured has to do with me taking issue with it
yeah, agreed. i think singles are great, hence why i'm being incessant about defending them. i don't have any particular affinity for them outside of "it worked for me," though - to be honest, i would much rather be doing a plan that's laid out as your coach has done whether or not there are singles involved.
absolutely not. you can "test" strength with a balls-out, make-the-lift-or-die 1rm attempt, or you can also train using singles at percentages near max, or at a particular RPE, or to the point of form/speed/whatever breakdown. you have a plan from a powerlifting coach, that's great and it clearly works, but that doesn't discount people who lift and get stronger by using singles as a regular part of training. getting stronger at X rep range and Y % doesn't exclude the same...
do another one thenreally? thanks for that, because i was very obviously under the impression that singles and singles only are the only way of going about those things"u" asked for a reason, i gave "u" several, now can "u" please move on and put "ur" keystrokes towards something other than talking about "ur" powerlifting-style training for not-powerlifting?
why cant you do the meet?
you get stronger, form improves, and you get more confidence under the bar with heavy weights. i'm just poking holes in your logic, that's all
defensive much? you asked what the point of 1rm'ing was if you weren't competing in PLing. i pointed out how you provided a context for doing a 1rm based on what you have been writing about, and hence a case for doing singles. you said you underestimated your 1rm, so, go do a 1rm already if you think you're underestimating it. past that, if you're only talking in percentages purely as a different way to notate any given lb figure as you have stated, and not for any...
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