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did a kijiji pickup for an ad titled "universal machine, barbell, weights" for $125. universal machine = cheap junk gold's gym brand half rack with lat pulldown. weights = 250lb regular old olympic plates. barbell = oldschool york split sleeve w/ end cap collar bar with powerlifting marks and nasty knurling. easily worth the price of admission alone. kept on thanking the lady profusely; she was stunned i drove an hour to pick it up. i have been making awesome pocket...
lol yeah in all serious i am making progress. ART is magic shit. it's been nearly 2 months now and a lot of the issues have cleared up... its hard to qualify exactly how, but there's been a lot of improvement. still can't go into full flexion without pain, but its getting better. get your knee fixed now, i'm about 10 months from when i initially hurt myself.
Sick session today brahs, mad weight and rep PRS: 100 elbow circles 1lbx18,15 tricep extension 1lbx15,15 curl Tbandx15,15 tri extension Tbandx15,15 curl Band supinationx25,25 Band pronationx25,25 Band reverse wrist curlx20,20 Band radial deviationx20,20 Reverse wrist curl eccentric 2lbx15,15 Supination eccentric 2lbx15,15 Feeling so fucking swole, dat pump. Will post bids.
Thanks! I've done a few 5ks in the past and grew up playing soccer, swimming etc. so while largely untrained I'm still athletically inclined. I hadnt run in at least 8months prior to starting training, and when i did it was to do an extremely infrequent one-off. This is the first time I trained for a run - I'd say I had about 75% compliance to the plan, slacking off closer to the run date, but I'm pretty happy with the results. There's a charity 5k coming up in October so...
Had my 10k race today - finished in 53:16. Pretty happy with a sub 55:00 time considering I came from gasping for breath after 3.5km in April to now. Not gonna lie, running just isn't my thing, but it was fun to have a group of friends to run with. Great day.
Did my 10k race in 53:16. No more running.
5'11", isn't that king manlet status?
Local globogym gave away one of those Atlantis shrug stand jobbies. First one to jump on the ad, feelsgoodman. Old gym equipment is bombproof, this thing has to be worth 200 in scrap alone.
Are you training to failure? Max effort usually means path of least resistance which means the strongest muscle takes the most load and grows comparatively more as a result. Try doing more volume with lighter stuff not to failure
knuckshoes fit me like a glove. if they weren't so fuck-ugly i would stop obsessing over other oly shoes.
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