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why cant you do the meet?
you get stronger, form improves, and you get more confidence under the bar with heavy weights. i'm just poking holes in your logic, that's all
defensive much? you asked what the point of 1rm'ing was if you weren't competing in PLing. i pointed out how you provided a context for doing a 1rm based on what you have been writing about, and hence a case for doing singles. you said you underestimated your 1rm, so, go do a 1rm already if you think you're underestimating it. past that, if you're only talking in percentages purely as a different way to notate any given lb figure as you have stated, and not for any...
you made a post about underestimating your 1rm after basing your sets x reps on percentages as incredibly specific as 77%, no more, no less.... which happens to be a typical scheme that would be used by, say, powerlifters. this is after asking a powerlifter about his input on said powerlifting-style routine, wherein literally every movement of mention is calculated down to the weight and rep, based on - you guessed it - your 1rm. i don't know what else to say other than...
me hurting myself was more of a function of me not addressing an injury and instead training through it. i could have just as easily fucked myself up doing literally anything else; not to mention, what does any of that have to do with attempting 1rms more than once a year?edit: and by "totaled my shoulder and elbow fascia" i think you meant "bad case of tennis elbow"
jesus fucking christ what is it with you people having weeping vaginas over 1rms? it's possible to lift something close to your max/at your max on a semi-regular basis without spontaneously combusting, simultaneously sustaining multiple catastrophic compound fractures and subsequently being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life.
Now I'm just mad that Nederlands didn't make it to the final. 3-0 over a garbage team with no heart in a meaningless game... really wish Holland made it through. Sad to see Robben dominate the whole tournament and only have third to show for it; hopefully we'll see guys like him, Sneijder, and Van Persie again.
Let rhet know when you start squatting and benching daily
I turn into a giggling retard around my cat
shit. fuck. crap. ass. balls. etc. another year, another 0 for nederland. i will go watch replays van gelder calling the spain game to make myself feel better now...
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