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6 months at this point. What if its more than a year? Lost cause? Lol
At the beach. Zero dudes who lift here, sucks that I was on my way to finally looking half decent and got derailed again. Motivation for rehab though. /feels
twice a week going hard to keep things in order is just fine, i'd fucking love to be lifting indiscriminately 2x/week. hes still gonna make it
mother fucking scalenes
Second experience with faster intervals. 4x5min "fast," (relative term compared to others here) with 2min slow in between. Managed to keep the fast intervals between 5:10-5:30 which I'm pretty happy with. 8x2 was much worse.
Missed out on a brand new ghr on kijiji for 250. Doh.
That's a little excessive.
1. Hodor djing has completed my life 2. I'm gay for oberyn 3. Tywin is a boss, dem shades. That and the mountain/oberyn bros shot has made me feel better about that episode. As long as they're buds IRL and I don't have to listen to that scene again, I'm good. Cersei also seems surprisingly cool considering what a cunt she is on the show.
if you work out in the morning you'll want to eat something decent afterwards. i tried IF last year around this time: 1 scoop whey 530am, lift 6am, 1 scoop whey 8am, first meal noon and i was ready to murder somebody before twelve. works well for dropping weight, but in retrospect i doubt that extra 4 hours of fasting from 8-12 really did a whole lot; i probably would've been better off with a window of 8-6 instead of 12-8.
Anyone have any experience with the Stick? What model should I get? I'm tempted to spring for the stiffest one since I enjoy pain when it comes to trigger points and massage and whatnot but I don't know what I'm getting into.
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