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Supremely rustled. Gym closed for a non-civic holiday with no notice. sitting here in my compression shorts ready to go alone in the parking lot.
my gf made me chocolate-covered bacon for valentines day. also i discovered i can db bench without any elbow pain and now i am eating leftover pizza.
Spectacular game. Russkies must be rustled over that IIHF no-goal ruling. Go USA (unless they're playing Canada)! Still rustled over the last few WJC finishes for me to have any interest in Russia doing well. I've gotta say, I like IIHF far more. Little things like being able to use the same guy in the shootout make it so much more fun to watch.
LOL nice.I'll look into it. I don't mind him on TSN so I'll probably enjoy it.Speaking of goaltending, I had a good freakout last night. D gave up a bunch of odd man chances, kept getting lit up. Then I fell on my bad elbow and my d tipped in a stinker from the corner 1 foot in front of the goal line 1 second before the buzzer. I one handed my stick into the boards and it shattered spectacularly. Goalie feels
What happens if Russia loses with Putin in attendance?
God I love Olympic hockey. Bit of a stinker by Canada in the first period bit credit to the Norge for hanging in there. Surprised the Slovaks folded so easily... They'd better hope Halak turns it around because Budaj is not a world level goalie. I'm impressed with Slovenias effort vs Russia until that brutal goal call. Can't wait for some of the bigger matchups!
expensive blenders are totes worth it. look into the omniblender, same specs as vitamix but 1/3 the price. i love mine
Ugh. So I threw on rehband elbow sleeves and the slingshot bands for benching today, and on the fourth set I noticed the tiniest bit of numbness creep into my right pinky again. I'm going to have to stay away from pressing for reals; even db pressing 30's left my elbow feeling funny. Back to pullovers and flyes.
omfg petite girls with thighs
The first warmup set with the bar is the worst (0)
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